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Awkward Writer Question: A conversion about killing characters with one of my best friends

So, it goes like this: On Jan.10 2015, I had a conversation via text with a good friend of mine, we’ll call her Nya, who lives in another state and thus I haven’t seen her in about two years.

So, to survive, we have a strong friendship. Now, Nya wants to be an author, like I do, unlike me though she a) doesn’t also want to do something else. and b) has actually started writing. Now, the something else I want to do is be a doctor, and she knows I read medical articles and stuff for fun. And so, the following conversation ensued. The only things I changed are puncation and capitalization.

I post this for two reasons:

1) So other writers can make use of the information if they so need to.


2)Entertain non-writers because yes, this is all stuff I somehow know off the top of my head.

*This information is acurate as far as I know, but I cannot gurantee its validity as I do not have a degree in science or medicine as of yet.



Nya = Italics

Me = Bold


Hey random awkward writer question can extreme blood loss put you in a coma?

If it’s like just before the threshold of death and then you do blood transfusions and surgery and painkillers being out under anistsia can knock you into a coma. But blood loss that’s too extensive will kill you, even if you get transfusions and stuff you’ll live for like a week but eventually the tissue and brain damage from the lack of oxygen from blood loss will kill you.
I love that I can ask you stuff like this and you actually know the answer.
The advantage of having a BFF who wants to be a doctor
Yeah I just shot a character so this’s good to know.
Hey follow up question how long are you in the hospital after extreme blood loss from a bullet wound to the chest.
(Assuming the character survives).
If he’s shot depending where he’ll still be able to fight, for a while. Unless it’s in the head or chest but if it’s a limb or the torso he’ll be able to fight because adrenaline and before the blood loss kicks in, the closer to a major organ or artery the faster hell bleed out or if he’s on medication and or has some disorder with his flight or fight system the adrenaline might last longer or take longer to kick in.
They could try to keep him awake from blood loss before the coma by injecting him with adrenaline infused into his blood transfusions.
Major Areries are the femeral in the thigh, corodid in the neck, pretty much anything in the neck or spine ect.
The hyoid in the neck must snap for someone to be chocked to death just smothering them makes them pass out not die.
In kids under 25ish the hyoid is more flexible and harder to snap, that’s why they can survive falling on their heads and sometimes survive suicide attempts to hang themselves.
If you want someone to stop hitting you in hand to hand combat but don’t want to seriously injure them and you need them conscious the solar plexis is the best place just under your ribs and a bit up under them.
A kick to the back of the knee can knock them over and dislocate the patella aka kneecap.
Shoulder is the easiest bone to dislocate and the clavicle is the most commonly broken bone and can be broken by a had fall.
Clavicle and femur breaks are some of the most painful.
Comminuted fractures are the worst kind and open fractures (breaking through the skin with bone poking through) can lead to sepsis  a fatal blood disease that once it can be detected it’s too late to save you and is the number one cause of deaths in hospitals in America 
Icu for maybe a week.
1 to 3 weeks after that in normal care depending on the patient and other injured sustained.
Depends on if the bullet hit any major organs or if there was an exit wound.
First of all that long one was awesome thank you so much and secondly how much of that hospital time could be spent in a coma if I want to kinda breeze through it.
If you really want to torture him make him allergic to most painkillers so they have to give him weaker ones.
Are some of the strongest painkillers(that I know of).
Pennicillin and related medicines are in almost all medication.
Make him allergic and he’ll take longer to heal.
He’ll also need lots of follow up medication maybe therapy and have time off work or school once he’s out of the hospital.
He could probs spend 2 or 3 weeks in a coma of you really want him to.
It could also be a medically induced coma because other wise he’d be in too much pain or try and escape from the hospital or something.
Blood lose can cause brain damage
And most people who wake up from comas can have amnesia so you could always have that happen.
Just save all the info for future reference.
It should help.
Hey you know how in movies they like inject someone with something and the person’s immediately knocked out are those drugs real and if so what are they please and thank you.
I don’t think there are any drugs that knock you out instantly.
But chloroform and anasteshia (I completely spelled that wrong sorry) each work in a few minutes and will make you kind of drunk and loopy right before you pass out and for a while after you wake up.
I don’t know the name but if you injected someone with like this paralyzingly drug or maybe paralyzingly venom from like a snake they wouldn’t be able to fight you off but would still feel pain and be conscious.
Hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood and can kill a person or at least cause limb loss or severe brain damage if injected in them depending on where and who and if they are immediately treated.
If you want something slower acting try injecting them with a live virus from the cdc.
Also giving someone a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type or with an hr factor of they don’t have one can kill as well and is usually painful, so torture method. 
Though someone can pass out from just a syringe filled with water of they are either 
A) deathly afraid of needles
B) think it’s something that can knock them out because placebo effect. 
But that sort of thing depends on the person
Drugs would wear off faster on and take longer to take effect with someone who either takes a medication on a daily basis because it messed with the chemicals (aka they have built immunity) or have a lot of adrenaline pumping through them.
Also one of the worst injuries you can get that is non life threatening is snapping your Achilles’ tendon. 
It’s a life long injury and you’ll practically never walk unaided again.

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