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A Rant About Star Trek: To my friend who hasn’t seen it.

If you know me, you know that I am obssessed with Star Trek, particularly the Original Series and the new movies because Kirk and Spock are my favorite.

My best friend who will reman unnamed, has since seen the new movies, but as of Feb.16 2015 she had not.

The ensueing is the transcript of my very long rant forcing her to watch At Least the new movies.

Moral of this? Everyone go watch Star Trek and revel in my nerdy/rantyness. (Yes I know that’s not a word, no I do not care).

Have you watched tos? Have you watched the original movies? Have you watched both reboot movies?

I mean I’ve only watched the first season of tos not all three but at least I’ve seen all the movies.

Have you seen it all? Because they is more I can subject you too.

Namely one of the ten thousand spinoffs that are pretty good but I hate on the principle that they do not have Kirk and Spock.

The most popular spinoffs are
Deep space nine
Next generation

And I think there are more but these are the most relevant.

There are also 8 movies five of which are tos which is why the reboot movies are known a ix and x not 1 And 2.

The best movie is save the whales ok.

And we go not speak of generations it didn’t happen okay.

And the reboot movies are perfect even of Spock/Uhura is really weird.

Also Chekhov being 17 is weird but adorable.

Because in tos (the original series) Spock and kirks relationship is described by the Vulcan word thyla which means soulmate friend brother and lover.

And William Shatner the original Kirk shipped spirk in the sixties.

It was the first ship in the first fandom ever.

And he was supposed to be in the aos (alternate original series aka reboot) movie but it was cut out of the script which makes me mad.

Feel free to completely ignore my Star Trek rant I haven’t actually spoken to any one today other than my dad for like five minutes and texting you this morning.

I’m going to stop now before I start ranting about bones and chapel and Joanna or Scotty or Sybok or something ok?

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