The Fireworks Book Tag

(Graphic not mine)

No Idea who the creator of this tag is, nor was I tagged, but I feel like doing it so let’s go!


A book that made you want to scream in either a good or bad way.


Everyone should read this book. Everyone.


A book that you read before it ‘exploded’ in the book community.

It hasn’t exploded yet, but it might next year, and i’m lucky enough to be reading an ARC.



A banned book that you’ve read.


I hated it, but I read it.



A book/author you think everyone needs to read.


It’s just an amazing book that no-one seems to know about.


A book/series with a complicated plot.




A book/series with an amazing set of central characters.




Light your own fireworks by tagging 5 people!


I tag anyone reading this who wants to be tagged!!


4 thoughts on “

      • Oh gosh, she hasn’t read Harry Potter?!? You’re right not to let her read it. Also, how do you resist plonking the whole series in front of her and just saying: “READ!” I need to get my best friend to read it too- she’s on holiday at the mo, or I’d have bent her ear back already. Until then- omg aren’t you just in love with Baz?!? (Or is that just me?) He’s probably the most glorious character I’ve read in such a long time- if he was real, I’d probably just be his groupie, you know- following him round and laughing with delight at everything he says- whether it’s funny or not. And his relationship with Simon just made me melt! (Sorry, I took that as an invitation to fangirl like crazy)


  1. I intended it as an invitation to fangirl, so no worries. And YES Baz is my favorite, he and Simon have the cutest relationship.

    I have, many times, forced the Harry Potter series upon my friend, she even owns it!, but shehasn’t read it because she has “more important things to read”. It’s reached the point where I’m ready to kidnap her just for force her to sit and read.


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