Super-Con 2015

A few weekends ago (June 25-28) was Supercon here in south Florida. Supercon is Florida’s smaller, less popular version of Comic-Con in San Diego, which was this weekend. While I haven’t had the priviledge of attending Comic-Con, I have gone to Supercon both these past two years.

For one thing, Supercon is a lot smaller, both in physical size and attendance. But while we do not get the same sheer amount of celebrities and announcments that Comic-Con does, we do get some pretty cool people to show up.

This year, notable guests included:
Haley Atwell
Brett Dalton
Karen Gillan
Mathew Nable
Simon Fisher-Becker
Manu Bennett
Michele Boyd
Robin Curtis
Emilie de Ravin
Caitlin Glass
Maximilano Hernandez
Walter Koenig
Peter Mayhew
Paul McGann
Vic Mignogna
Nichelle Nichols
Among other people.

While I only had the priviledge of meeting Haley Atwell, Brett Dalton, and Karen Gillan (Thanks dad!) I did see a number of panels and Q & A’s. Everyone is super nice and its a lot of fun, especially when you’re dying inside because you can’t be at Comic-Con (trust me, we tried to get tickets, no dice, its near impossible). IMG_3538IMG_3534IMG_3535IMG_3536

Supercon rarely sells out, kids (under 12 I believe) get in free with a paying adult, and if you get tickets in advance, a full four day ticket for an adult is about $70.

All with panels and Q/A’s for the more well known guests, there are autograph areas, panels run by fans, cosplay groups ect. Film screenings, game tournaments, a gaming room, an anime viewing room, and a huge exhibition hall. In the exhibition hall, there are vendors selling any and every type of nerdy, fandom or anime related merchandise you can think of, a stand to buy japanese candy, vendors selling cheap used video games, comic book stands, and a giant TARDIS you can take a picture with. The FUNamation and CW tables almost always have free posters to give away too. There is also an anime voice actor autograph area, most of them do free autographs unlike most guests.


This year, like last year, I went with my dad. And unlike most parents, he actually likes the conventions and nerdy stuff. I will tell you it gets pricey, between tickets, autographs, pictures, and the ten thousand things you’re going to want to buy.

To give you an example, this year me and my dad bought, between the two of us (but mostly him because he’s the one with a job):
Matching glow-in-the-dark Portal shirts
Three expansion packs for Dixit
Vic Mignogna DVD
Manga grab bag (contained Forget About Love no.1 manga, a cd in japanese, a Marvel Seige comic single issue, a HunterXHunter standing frame thing)
Mass Effect for Xbox 360 (All three) used
Who-Do-You-Ship buttons (Jack/Ianto and River Song/Doctor)
Picture with Brett Dalton
Picture with Haley Atwell
Picture with Karen Gillan
Misallanous buttons and posters

So fair warning, you’ll want to buy everything.


Last year, when I went, I didn’t really have a cosplay, I just wore my Captain America Costume from Party City. This year, I did get to get a cosplay. One for each day actually. I used certain things from my closet and anything else I needed came from GoodWill. It cost me about $30 total. So my advice to you, if you’re not entering a cosplay contest, check out Goodwill or a thrift store before you buy something too pricey.

Thursday’s Cosplay: The (tenth) Doctor
Blue Pants (from school uniform)
Tank top (from closet)
Red tie (goodwill)
Large brown trenchcoat (goodwill)
Sneakers (already had them)
Sonic screwdriver (already had it but it’s $20 on Amazon)
Blue suit jacket (goodwill)

It wasn’t perfect but it was close enough. I tied my hair back in a bun to give the illusion of short hair, but you could always buy a wig. Or, just be a gender-bent Doctor with long hair if need be.

Friday’s Cosplay: Bruce Banner
Purple button-up shirt (goodwill)
Brown suit (jacket and pants) (goodwill)
glasses (my prescription ones)

That’s really it. It didn’t take a lot cause he dresses like a normal person. My glasses are green and black though, so that helped. A lot of people mistook me for the Doctor though. I count it as a win though, because when I went to get my picture taken with Brett Dalton he recognized my cosplay as Bruce Banner and when I asked for a hug he said “Okay I better not make you angry” and it was adorable, he was wearing a shark patterned shirt and flamingo patterned shoes like a colorful tourist he’s adorable.

Saturday’s Cosplay: Castiel
Beige trenchcoat (goodwill)
Blue tie (goodwill)
Black pants (had them)
White button up (goodwill)

Again, not perfect, but people recognized who I was. Also, I would like to note that Supernatural is severely unrepresented in cosplay.

Finally, Sunday’s Cosplay: Sherlock
Purple button up (same one from Friday)
Blue/gray trenchcoat (goodwill)
Blue pants (same school ones)
No scarf because it was Florida in the summer and i was already wearing two layers.

Again, not perfect but people knew who I was cosplaying as. So seriously, check out goodwill, you can find some pretty cool stuff.

And Lastly, A Few Notes: To anyone who wants to come to Supercon:
Yes you can wear layers, but what until you get inside with the air conditioning
Bring and drink water heat stroke is a very bad and very real thing
Eat or by nightfall you’ll be feeling aweful
Go to sleep between days
Be polite Ask before taking someone’s picture
Plan Ahead And Bugdet your money you will want to buy everything.
Don’t let yourself do that.

And now I’m done rambling, so here is a list of links for footage of panels from Supercon this year if you want to see what you missed:
Official Supercon YouTube Channel:


Karen Gillan:

Haley Atwell:

My favorite thing in Haley’s Q&A is that fact that she doesn’t approve of sharon Carter dating Steve she said she’d “ground her and he can date someone eles family”

Brett Dalton: Full Q & A:


This is a little thing I made after Brett’s questions to Haley during her Q & A.

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