30 Days of Music (in one post)

30 Days of Music

I was tagged by The Orangutan Librarian to do this.

I also got the idea of doing this in one post from her too. Go check her out!

Day 1: The last song you listened to.

Day 2: Your favorite song of all.
I don’t do favorites…

Day 3: Your favorite love song.
I can’t think of one..

Day 4: Your favorite humorous song.

Day 5: Your favorite dark (or macabre) song.

Day 6: A song that’s special to you and someone else.
Literally got nothing…

Day 7: A song you like to listen to on max volume.
Yeah, I don’t do that…

Day 8: Your favorite metal song.
I don’t really listen to metal…

Day 9: A song that inspires you.
Yeah, I got nothing…

Day 10: A song that makes you feel better when you’re down.

Day 11: Your favorite instrumental song.

Day 12: A song you’re ashamed to admit you like.

Day 13: A song you like from a genre you don’t.

Day 14: Your favorite song from a musical (or opera.)
I don’t really have one…

Day 15: A song you like to dance to (or makes you want to dance.)

Day 16: A song you like from a hobbyist. (IE, not a signed band/artist.)

Day 17: A song you and your mom/dad both like.

Day 18: Your favorite angry song.

Day 19: A song you like that isn’t in English.

Day 20: A song that makes you change the station.

Day 21: Your favorite TV theme song.

(first one I thought of)

Day 22: A song you like to sing along to.

Day 23: A song from one of your favorite bands.

Day 24: Your favorite holiday-themed song.

Day 25: Your favorite song from a game.

Day 26: A song that reminds you of your family.

(From what is currently my sister’s favorite movie)

Day 27: A song that reminds you of your friends.

Day 28: A song from a fictional band or artist.

This is the Murder Squash Song from The Raven Cycle.

Day 29: Your favorite ballad.
I don’t listen to ballads…

Day 30: Your favorite sad song.

Is the first that comes to mind.

And there we go. Sorry I had to skip some, I didn’t know what to put…
I’m also sorry this tag is so late, its been a busy last few months and I spent a lot of December sobbing hysterically so… Yeah, at least I finally did this.

I guess I’ll tag:


3 thoughts on “30 Days of Music (in one post)

  1. Fantastic! It’s awesome that you did this in one post too! 🙂 Gotta say, listening to the Hedwig theme is making me really happy right now- it makes me want to go and rewatch *all* the films. And shut up and dance definitely got me dancing! That montage of dancing clips also helped! Great post 🙂


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