Scars and Stories: I was a clumsy kid

I’m starting a new series of posts here on this blog, this time of personal posts. I don’t tell you guys a lot about me or my life, I mostly just do tags (something I’m working on changing) but I was talking to my friends the other day and I realized something: I get injured a lot. Not seriously in the “go to the hospital” sort of way. But in the “oh my gosh did you really walk into a wall AGAIN” sort of way. Seriously, I have, on multiple occasions, pulled a door into my own face. *facepalm*

So, I figured if I wanted to do personal posts, stories like these would be best because they are:
1- Funny
2- Do not give you any information you could use to stalk me and/or that would get me in trouble with my parents for posting online.

But I was wondering, before I start writing the ten or so posts I would for this, if you guys would even be interested. So are you? Or do you want me to stick to the book talk? Let me know…


6 thoughts on “Scars and Stories: I was a clumsy kid

  1. Honestly, I have always hated writing personal things about myself. With the exception of Twitter of course. I think I covered that in both my bio and in my last blog post. But anyway. I have recently learned that I shouldn’t be afraid of writing more about myself and letting others take a small look into my life. Long story short, I say go for it. Personally, I would love to know more about you. Plus, that way we can become even better friends in the future. โ˜บ๏ธ I hope something I typed made sense.


  2. Yes please! I have a memories section on my blog that I’m hoping to fill up with my thoughts and experiences as I finish up university. For me it’s a nice way to record my life, and for people who want to know more about me, they can read about my life there. I feel as if sometimes we know more about the kinds of books a certain book blogger likes/doesn’t like and not much about what they do outside of reading. I like the “other stuff”. It makes it a lot more personal and you really get to see another side of the blogger.


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