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Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

Consider this a New Year’s/late Christmas present.


Bookish Post Ideas:
Book reviews (Obviously)
Book reviews of books you read a long time ago
Thoughts on “Age appropriate books”
Thoughts on Hardcover vs paperback books
Different ereaders you’ve used
Standalone vs series: pros and cons
If/Why you want to be an author as well as a reader
Samples of your writing
How a writer avoids writing
Thoughts on secondhand book stores
Books/Series you couldn’t finish
Reading positions
Reading in school
Book haul (books you purchased or library books)
Books on your TBR
Books about to be released
Memes and features (e.g. Top Ten Tuesday, Booking Through Thursday, Waiting on Wednesday, Friday Finds, etc.)
A bookshelf tour
Kindle eBooks that are free on Amazon
Recommendations: if you liked this, you might also like…
Your favorite places to read
Your favorite quotes from books
Your favorite quotes about books and/or reading
Authors you’d like to meet
Review the film (or TV series) adaptation of a book you’ve read
Your earliest memories of reading
Share your bookmark collection
Link to your reading wishlist
List some books you want your (future) children to read
Do a reading tag (even if you weren’t tagged)
Share some bookish gifts you’ve receivedYour bookish/reading pet peeves
A review of your eReader and/or a comparison of a few you’ve tried
A story about how you learned to read
Your book recommendations for people who don’t like reading
Your collection of autographed books
Film or TV show adaptations of a book (e.g. best/worst, most anticipated, books you never want to adapted, books you wish would be adapted, etc.)
Favorites places to read (with photos maybe)
Recommend some great bookish gifts
How do you decide your next book
How do you catalog your books or organize your shelves
Your Thoughts on E-readers vs Physical Books
Why do you love to read
blogging and reading slumps, how to overcome
Favorite childhood books
Explain your definition of a 5 Star review
Your experince with a popular book (Harry Potter, Twilight etc)
First movie adaptaion you saw after the reading the book, and your experience/reaction

Non-bookish Post Ideas:
Childhood memories
Favorite Tv Shows
Favorite Movies
Best of Netlfix
Talk about comics (or marvel movies)
Fan theories of shows/books etc.
A random embarrassing story
Thoughts on school
Whether or not you drink coffee and why
Old school assignments, either really good or really bad
What kind of kid you were/are in school
What your grades are/were like
How you study or procrastinate studying
Summer Camp experiences
First memory of seeing a movie in the theater
If you have ever experienced a natural disaster (I know I’ve seen a few hurricanes)
Apple or PC, and why
Favorite beauty products
Nerdy hairsyles
Cosplays you have or want to do
Convetions you’ve been to or want to go to
Talk about video games (which are you playing, did you play as a kid, who got you into them etc.)
Do you get an allowance/did you ever get one as a kid


So, that’s my list of general blog post ideas. I intend to do most of them at one point or another as I get around to them. Are there any you guys want me to do in particular? What do you think of the list? Was it helpful?
If you use an idea because you got it from me, link me so I can check it out!

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