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The Snack Food Book Tag


I have quite a few tags to get through… So let’s start doing this!

Thank you to the creator of this tag Lucia!

  1. Chocolate covered Pretzels- a book couple you never thought would work/get together

I actually hate pretzels, so…it falls in line that I literally cannot think of anything for this question. I’m fairly good at always rooting for the love interest that becomes canon…

  1. Prunegales (see what I did there? the names trademarked so I couldn’t use it)- an addictive book you can’t get enough of

Clever. As for an addictive book… I’ll say Gallager Girls, since I binge read the first four, and then waited in agony for the last two. Also, I don’t want to say Harry Potter, that gets a bit boring after a while if that is my answer for everything I do.

  1. Trail mix- a book with a variety of characters

I don’t particularly like trail mix… But both The Raven Cycle and The Heroes of Olympus both fit this description.

  1. Fruit bowls- An unpredictable character 

There are actually only two fruits I sincerely like…And neither are found in a fruit bowl. I only like pomegranates and lychee. (Wow this tag is basically “how much of a picky eater is Sam” at this point isn’t?) But an unpredictable character, I guess would be Maven in Red Queen. If you’ve read the book, you know why.

    5. Nut  bar- You’re go to book

Okay, I have to say Harry Potter for this one.

  1. Popcorn- A character you can’t help but like

Once again, I don’t actually really like popcorn…

But, to answer the question, I’ll have to say Aidan from Illuminae.

That was fun 🙂 – I tag:





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