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Liebster Award (Number 2!!!!)


I want to thank Icebreaker694 so much for nominating me!

Now: here be the rules:

Rule 1: Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award. (See above)

Rule 2: Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you. (See below)

What is your favorite fanfic? 

I’m going to give you my favorite off the top of my head for my 4 most read fandoms so you can have options.

Star Trek:

Illogical verse

strive seek find yield


Graduate Vulcan for Fun and for Profit


Apropos of Nothing


In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury)

The Twice Told Tale

Its All In The Mind

Harry Potter:

EarthBound Spook

No Place Like Home



If Sieve


Learning Curve

When Charlie Met Cas

Lost In Time

Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After

Start Quoting Shakespeare and We’re Done


  1. Did you really expect me to stick to one? I have many more favorite, these are just the first ones I found in my bookmarks.
  2. Don’t judge me.
  3. These are the first I love that I found the links to. *shrugs*

Where would you go if you can go anywhere in the world?

My two bucket list places are London and Japan.

What 5 superpowers do you want to have?

  1. Not needing to sleep.
  2. Superspeed (think Barry Allen)
  3. Telepathic powers (think Jean Gray)
  4. Super IQ or something (Think Tony Stark)
  5. Just give me magic so I can go to Hogwarts IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR I JUST WANT TO GO TO HOGWARTS!

Have you met any authors? If so, who?

Can’t say I have….

What is the most common name you have stumbled upon when reading?

I see Noah and Bella quite a lot.

Do you like love triangle books? If so, which one is your fave?

Depends on my mood.

How many books can you read in one week?

Can? Like, 5, if they is no school.

Do I? Like, 1.

It depends. I can go two months without touching a book then read 11 in a week (yes I did that last summer, and i sincerely felt as if I was going to die. (Mostly because I have this bad habit of not breathing/breathing shallowly/minimally while getting caught up in a book and when I look up I am generally grasping for breathing. I am an odd person.)

What book have you reread the most?

Harry Potter.

Do you prefer a book in a girl’s point of view or a boy’s?

Doesn’t matter.

Are you a night reader?

Very much yes.

How many books do you own? (paperbacks, hardcover and ebooks) 

See: This page in which I catalogue all of my books.

Rule 3: Give 11 random facts about your self.

  1. I drink cuban coffee every morning. (café con leche es el mejor del mundo) (points if you can read that sentence, butchered grammar and all)
  2. I am bilingual. (English and Spanish)
  3. I own more unread books than read books.
  4. I preordered two copies of Lady Midnight. (I had reasons okay?)
  5. I am completely and utterly awful at not procrastinating.
  6. Right now I am obsessed with the game “Sunless Sea”.
  7. Standardized testing will kill me one day.
  8. We just did subject selection and I am taking four AP core classes next year.
  9. I can’t stand audiobooks.
  10. 10 is my favorite doctor.
  11. Charmander is my favorite starter pokémon.

Rule 4: Nominate 5-11 other blogs you think are deserving of this award that have less than 200 followers.

Rule 5: Let the blogs know that you have nominated them.

Rule 6: Give them 11 questions to answer.

I nominate:






7 thoughts on “Liebster Award (Number 2!!!!)”

  1. Ooh I’d love to visit Japan 🙂 and I live in London 🙂 Those would be some great superpowers!! Thanks so much for the nomination- I’m already looking forward to answering some of those questions *rubs hands with glee!*


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