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How to (Actually) Study For An AP Test

As Told by An Actual High School Student

Spring break is now over and that means one thing: AP crunch time. Well, thats what it means for me and every other high schooler taking AP classes.

There are about 5 million study guides online, many of which are written by people involved in the education system in some way. The problem with those is this: they tell you the statistics for passing and what is on the test, which is important, but not exactly helpful in terms of actually memorizing the information. Also, these people aren’t exactly in school anymore.

Now, I know everyone studies differently, so what works for me might not work for you, (for example, my best friend studies in such a completely different way that it astounds me). But if you haven’t figured out what study method works for you, here are my tips.

  1. Know your test: When are testing? What is the passing rate? What is the percentage breakdown of what is on the test? What information are you expected to know? What is the rubric for scoring the essays? These are all things you need to know, and you can probably find them on the college board website.
  2. Get a review book. Lets face it, no one has time re-read the entire textbook. A review book helps jog your memory, if your reading a review and don’t remember that section at all, thats when you break out the textbook. I use the Barron’s Review book, but any of them will do.
  3. Use Course-Notes. If you can’t afford a review book, or use it in conjunction with one, because it is seriously a life saver.
  4. Use EasyNoteCards. Online flashcards for basically everything. Seriously, use it.
  5. Watch Crash Course. This is a series of Youtube Channel, run by Hank and John Green made to help you review a variety of school subjects. Trust me, it helps. Though its not in depth enough to get you a Five on its own, it can help you swing a Three.
  6. Make sure you actually start studying. Don’t leave it to the last minute. If yo9u want a certain score, you’ll have to work for it.
  7. Don’t kill yourself studying. A three is still passing, and if you don’t pass, no one dies. Colleges prefer an AP class with a B and a 2 on the test than an A in a regular course. You might not get physical college credits if you don’t pass, but don’t discount the worth of taking it all.

That’s all I really have. To everyone taking AP: I wish you the best of luck. For those of you who aren’t: count yourselves lucky and sorry this post didn’t pretain to you in the slightest.

If you have any studying tips, or this helped you in some way, leave me a comment below to let me know! 🙂

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