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My Writing: Six Free-verse Poems

I wrote these poems a while ago, but since I’m behind on posts and tags since I just finished testing, I figured I’d post this to give you guys something while I write and schedule posts.

Let me know what you guys think! If you want to see more poems, or more of my writing let me know! I’m sure I have more I can drag from the recesses of my files.


Bad Boys Shouldn’t Fall For Good Girls

He hides a halo under
Dark hair
Dark eyes

Skinny jeans in the dead of summer
Leather jacket
On a

And everyone tells you
Stay away
He’s got the devil in him
He’ll take your soul
Chew you up and spit you out

Because he’s the dangerous boy
Always on the edge of what
He shouldn’t do

And oh
You’re the golden girl
Going somewhere special they say
Blonde hair
Blue eyes
A little Aphrodite
With Athena’s brain

So they say
Stay away
From him
But oh
You can see the halo
He tries so hard to hide

And you
Fall at his feet
Just to spite them
And you say
“I see the good in you”

With the clumsy feet
Tripping and falling at his

You with the
Golden girl smile
With a halo
Proud on display

(But halos are easier to fake these days)

And no one thinks
The golden girl
Is going to be the one
With the poison in her heart

They warned you to stay away
Someone should have been warning him

In Ancient Greece
Every war started
With a beautiful girl

So really
They should have seen it coming
You were hiding a forked tongue
Under lip gloss
All along


Forever is too long

Oh we built this city on
The ruins of an old one
On the bones of those before
On the ashes of the ones
Who couldn’t escape the fire

And here we are
Human nature
We survive despite the odds
We always survive
But not always with souls intact

So tell me a story
Tell me about a hero who
Never did wrong
Tell me about a villain
Who’s evil to the core

Make it easy
Clear-cut lines
No more jagged edges
I’m tired of sorting through
The right and wrong of things
Only to end up backwards

And oh humans
We’re a mess
Top of the world
We reached Everest
We’ve been to the moon
But we fight over rocks that shine
And desert lands
Only because we can

We’re a mess of contradictions
We want peace
Yet we rage war
We want good health and fortune
We want love
But we kill and steal and lust
We make rules only to break them

Here is this city
Built by humans
How dirty and broken it is
Safer than the jungle
But never is so
We are our own worst enemies
Our greatest threat is ourselves

Watch out for the monsters
They don’t come in the shadows
They look like us
They are us
We are our own monsters
Reflected in the mirror
Bound to escape

Take your soul and measure it
Does it drip red
Is it a feather or steel
Or something else entirely

Take your soul and say what’s it worth
We do horrible things in the name of love and lesser things
But good things too


Stages of a doomed love story

In the first we conceal our fault lines
In the second, the earthquake hits and the truth revealed
In the third we rose from the ashes and deal with the aftermath

We were disaster waiting in the wings
Nothing with ever be the same

Because I think each one of us gets two great loves
Not the usual one
The first is the one that breaks us apart
The second is the one that either heals us or
Excepts us with are scars as we are

These are the purest kinds of love
And sometime one person can be all of them
This we call a soulmate
Pity they’re rarely a reality

This city lives
On the edge of forever
Smoke and ashes
Don’t damage for long

We survive
We thrive
Despite your best efforts to
Burn us alive

Girls in tattered dresses
Boys in twisted halos
The sweetest lips
Are the ones dripping poison

These are the things we say
The secrets we keep
Because the angels watch over us
But they can’t save us from our selves
And the devil fell
From grace
Because he loved too much

So it’s too much
And girls fall
From white feathers
To the thorns
And a promise
Deals at a crossroads
Sell your heart
Instead of your soul
And it’s not a forever deal
And that’s the problem

The only things you want to last
The ones that don’t

This city stands on the edge if forever
Maybe it’s been here too long

(We’ve started to think the ashes are pretty,
We’ve started playing with fire,
Get out before you get burned)


Backs To The Wall

We are not stabbing anyone
Not tonight
Tonight we keep our daggers
In our pockets
And we keep our backs against the wall
We are not stabbing anyone tonight

We are not stabbing anyone tonight
Not friends, lovers, or enemies
Current or exes or otherwise
Tonight we pretend to
Be strangers
Or barring that
We pretend we like each other
Just for the night
The only red that’ll be spilled is the wine

We are not stabbing anyone tonight
There will be no betrayal
Pretend for just one more night
We are on the same team
Before the knife is in my back
Tell me you love me
One more time
If you’re going to kill me
Do it right

The higher you build walls
The harder they come crashing down
Remember that
You are not the only one
Concealing weapons

We are not stabbing anyone tonight
There are no heroes or villains
Winners or losers
Betrayed or betrayers
There is no poison or dagger
And we will not end with war

Come morning we leave with guns raised to each other’s heads
We pretend we don’t know the other has a dagger in their pocket
Tonight we aren’t stabbing anyone
But we keep out backs against the wall just in case

(All is fair in love and war
And we are not short on either
And neither cancels the other
That is just the way we are
Putting off a stabbing for just another night
That came morning will be inevitable
There is no fixing this
We’ve caused worse wounds with words
The blood is just an afterthought)


Draw the Line

Tell me which you’d rather be
A good man
A great one
This defines you

Tell me whether you rather
Do good
Do well
This defines you too
As the nuances of life often do

Tell me where we draw the line
Between hero and villain
The hero doesn’t believe he his one until the very end of the story
The villain thinks they are the hero and the victim the entire way through
Is this the difference you see

Tell me where we decide the difference
Between the
Good man who did a bad thing
The bad man who did a good one
The hero with a stone heart
And the villain with a heart of gold
Where did the lines get drawn

Tell me if it makes a difference
If you tell the truth and hurt someone
Does it make it the wrong thing
If you tell a lie and make everything okay again
Is that the right thing
Who decides this
Depends on which matters more
The means or the ends
Depends on whose doing the talking
One who’s doing the deciding too
I Guess


You want to be the hero
Tell me
Admit it
You think you’re the hero
Of this tale
Who rises above the heartbreak?

But I look at you and
See only the villain
In what light are you the hero?
Tell me
Maybe I’ll see it too

You played out this story casting me
In roles I didn’t know I was playing
What light am I painted in?
To be the villain for your tale
Tell me
Maybe I’ll do it right

Pick a card
Choose a hand tied round my back
With the rope meant for your throat
Not long ago
Maybe you’ll get lucky
Or maybe not

Left hand means poison
Right means the cure
Isn’t that what they used to mean
Left is for the devil’s child
Right is for the righteous man
You are no stranger to this
But that does not define us

So tell me where you draw the lines
And I’ll try my best to side with
the side I was meant to be on
Tell which is which
Tell me where they are
Because you drew them in the sand
And they washed away
And now I don’t know where I am
Tell me where we draw the lines
Tell me you won’t cross them


Despite your heart of gold (I’m not the one you need to save)

Stop me of you’ve heard this one
Stop me if it’s the same old story
The princess forgot to live the fairytale
And now we pay the price

The princess is captured
By a beast the dragon
And only the bravest warrior can save her
Can kill the monster
And win her heart

And you’re living this scene
Like you’re the hero
The knight in shining
That’s not what I want
I could save myself
But I don’t need saving

You’re living this scene
Like the hero
And I’m the princess
The victim
Damsel in distress
Let down your hair
But I cut it all off
If only to keep you away
I can handle it

You’re living this scene
Like you’re the hero
I’m the princess
And to save me you have
To kill the dragon
I’m not the princess

Who said the dragon wasn’t my friend
Who said I wanted him dead
If I wanted him dead I’d have put
The dagger in his heart myself
I don’t need you to do my dirty work

I am not the princess
But you’ve deluded yourself into
Being the hero
With a savior complex
For a girl that doesn’t need to be saved

Who’s to say I’m not the dragon
I’m not the one you slay
In the effort to find the girl
The one who doesn’t exist

Whose to say you don’t trick me
And burn me with my own fire
Who’s to say
I don’t kill you myself
Who’s to say
You get away clean

And this is not a fairytale
If it was it be Grimm
If I’d have written it
I’d give us a happily ever after
But I didn’t

So the best we get
Is used to be
Blood on the sheets

The best we get
Illusions of grandeur
Hearts broken all around

You get to be the hero
At least in your mind
And me
I’m lucky that I make it out alive


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