10 Songs To Motivate You When Writing

I am a big fan of making playlists. I make playlists for everything: parties, friends coming over, studying, doing homework (yes these are different things), and most importantly I think: everything I write for more than an hour ends up with its own writing playlist.

Now, I’m the queen of procrastinating (which tends to mean fiddling with a playlist for an hour or so before even starting), and I never seem to finish what I start writing (which is why I have about ten first chapters for different stories, but very little past that for any of them). Because of this I have learned two things: I am capable of making very specific playlists, and there are about ten songs (I rounded because ten was a prettier number) that end up on pretty much every playlist lately and are very motivating to actually get my work done. So I thought I’d share them.

Now, in no particular order, my motivation playlist:

  1. Non-Stop from the Hamilton Soundtrack
  2. Sophomore Slump (or comeback of the year) by Fall Out Boy
  3. Pas De Chavel by Panic! At the Disco
  4. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It by REM
  5. Anxiety By Good Charlotte
  6. Listen To Your Friends by New Found Glory
  7. Something’s Gotta Give by All Time Low
  8. High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup
  9. This Isn’t Hogwarts and Strange Charm by Hank Green
  10. Here’s To The Zeroes by Marianas Trench

If you listen to the playlist, let me know how you liked it, or if it helped you! And if anyone else has a go-to motivation song leave it done in the comments!


I have my last test today (A pre-calculus final, kill me).

So, after today I’ll start tackling the backlog of tags and finish up the personal stories and discussion posts I promised you guys and am long over due for!

I’ll also be scheduling posts because June 11 to July 2 I am going to be at summer camp and have little to no internet access (I know, terrifying), and later that week July 8th I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out and I really don’t trust myself to write coherent posts while loopy from painkillers. Though that would probably be hilarious.


Quick Note: I updated my about me page and added the links to where you can find me on a bunch of other sites if you want to check that out.




7 thoughts on “10 Songs To Motivate You When Writing

  1. scribblebabble says:

    The title of this post should be “all the songs I force my cousin Chelsea to listen to every time I see her”


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