Marvel Collector Corps: April Box

I don’t think I need to reiterate how late this is…

This post will come to you in three parts:

Part 1: What is the Marvel Collector Corps?

The Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription box that comes every other month. It is fun by Marvel Comics and partnered with Funko (as in the maker of the pop figures).

Each box comes with: a variant cover comic, a pop figure, a pin, an iron on patch, a shirt, at least one other funko thing, and sometimes an other little extra. For $25 its a really good deal, and everything in the box is exclusive to the Marvel Collector Corps.

Part 2: Story Time

My dad, as part of my christmas present, said he’d order me one MCC box. The next box after christmas was going to be Deadpool in February. Box time comes around, and…the box doesn’t come. I ask my dad about it, and he realizes he forgot to order it.

I was disappointed but I understood that mistakes happen. I said it was okay. He felt guilty though, for letting me get excited for nothing, so he said he’d just order me the next box. Which was going to be Captain America Civil war in April, I was good with this. I like Captain America more than I like Deadpool. But he still felt guilty, so…

He ordered me a year subscription.

Yes, my dad got me 6 Marvel Collector Corps boxes because he felt guilty about forgetting part of my christmas present.

I am very excited about this. The next box comes in June, and the theme is “Women in Power” which I’m extra excited for!

Should I do a full unboxing for that one?

Part 3: The Captain America: Civil War Box (For April)



Also, have you guys seen Civil War yet?

Because it depressed me and it was amazing.



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