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The Versatile Blogger Award



To tackle the slew of backlogged posts and tags from the last two months (which I am finally doing), I am going to be writing all the tags over the next few days, but I’ll schedule them to be posted once or twice a week so you aren’t bombarded by 12(!) tags at once. Also, I’ll be at summer camp for June and need to schedule posts, so everything works out!

I want to thank IceBreaker694 for nominating me!! Thank you so much!!!!

Rule 1: Show award on your blog

Rule 2: Thank the person who that has nominated you

Rule 3: Share seven facts about yourself

My 7 facts about me:

  1. I am currently taking an online spanish 2 course which I procrastinate greatly on.
  2. I will be taking Neuroscience at Duke TIP this summer (think nerd camp, that is pretty much what it is).
  3. Of my four best friends, three live in other states, and I suck at keeping in regular contact with them.
  4. 7 is actually my favorite number.
  5. I just went to my first concert in February (Fall Out Boy!) and it was great.
  6. I have Peter Capaldi’s autograph.
  7. My bookshelf once fell out of the wall and nearly killed me.

Rule 4: Nominate 15 blogs of your choice

Rule 5: Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

My nominees:



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