Free Comic Book Day Mini-Haul

So, some people may know that the first saturday of May is free comic book day, where comic shops have a select few issues they give away to anyone who comes into the store, and they have really awesome sales. (And yes, I know this is late as hell but we have well established that I am very behind on blogging so…).

Usually, on free comic book day, I go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff. I have poor self control and a fairly decent allowance. This year though, I didn’t go crazy, but I did buy three pop figures! (The free comics this year were not all that great, probably because my dad and me went late in the afternoon after I took my SAT subject test and most things were out of stock.)



Finn and Poe from The Force Awakens. I had to get them together because OTP. The shelf was limited by the time I got there, but these were 2 for $15. And I got the last Finn in the store!


I got the winter soldier/Bucky Barnes civil war pop figure! (The others in the picture were ones I already owned) I’d been dying for a Bucky, but he always seems to be sold out, and I got him for $10!


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