Zootopia Movie Review


At this point, I think everyone has seen, or at least heard of, Zootopia.

It is, after all, the newest Disney movie. And Disney pretty much controls the world.

Or at least the portion of the world under the age of 26 or so.

This is just a short review of the movie because my sister has watched it about 17 consecutive times and this is me coping with the fact that, despite the fact that I kind of loved it, it is DRIVING ME INSANE.


This movie was AMAZING, one of my favorite Disney movies in a long while, though to be fair, that may be because I am so throughly sick of Frozen, I would probably like anything else better.

A lot of the movie is social commentary on the real world, but that requires thinking and stress to explain so just read this and this which explain everything better than I ever could and are much more qualified to do so. I’m just talking about entertainment.

Since this is a Disney movie, it is geared towards younger audiences, but there are a lot of things that will go over kids heads, like references to murder and allusions to drugs and corrupt governments and some pretty blatant parody scenes of Breaking Bad and The Godfather. I have friends who didn’t understand it, so I don’t think 8 year olds would. And really, some scenes were kind of intense for young kids, there was even a jump scare!

It was a really cute movie though. Plus, no romance! Which is intensely rare for Disney. It was also really funny, both in the dialogue and running jokes (“It’s called a hustle sweetheart”) and in A LOT of animal puns (like the lemmings scene, which I had to explain to my friends because they didn’t know what lemming were).

Honestly, I think the adults in the theater laughed more than the kids.

So, in my opinion, if your looking for a relaxing movie that won’t make you think too hard, I suggest you watch Zootopia, even if you think you’re too old for Disney movies. Because you aren’t.


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