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The Actor Book Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Icebreaker694 for this! Thank you!!!!!


  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Chose your own 8 actors (or you can use the ones I gave you) and create descriptions and compare them to book characters like I did
  • Put in photos of them from the movie roll
  • Answer what book character fits the same description as the movie character
  • List 8 people to tag


The Actors:


Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes: A villain with a tragic backstory.


Most definitely Victor Vale.


Haley Atwell/Peggy Carter: A badass woman.


I don’t think this requires explanation.


Anna Kendrick/Becca: A character that isn’t afraid to chase their dreams.


That is literally the point of this entire book.


Chris Evans/Steve Rogers: A character that is steadfast to their values and friends.


They are both loyal and stubbornly set in their ways, which isn’t always a good thing (didn’t turn out too well for Rogers either).



David Tennant/The Doctor: A character that knows more than they let on.


All the children in both these books are terrible about talking about things that need to be talked about like wow.


Aubrey Plaza/April Ludgate: The most sarcastic character.


Baz like honestly. (First person I thought of TBH)


Jennifer Lawrence: The most relatable character.


Devon is awkward and stressed about everything and understand little about Football. Same.


Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock Holmes: An intelligent character.


Rex is probably one of the smartest characters I’ve ever read about.

I Tag:

Honestly, my taste in movies/tv shows should be pretty clear by now.

Let me know what you think and I can’t wait so see you do the tag!

If I didn’t tag you but you want to do this, feel free!


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