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The SunShine Blogger Award



Yay! Another Tag/Award/Thing!

The lovely Icebreaker694 has tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger ward so lets do this!

(I apologize in advance for any incoherency, I returned from camp today and besides being emotionally drained, I have been awake for 36 hours by now).

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you.

Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.

Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award.

Give them 11 new questions (if you want to)

Display the award on your blog (if you want to)

My Questions:

  1. Which do you like better: the movie or the book? The book. Always.
  2. If you could bring to life any character from a book and have him/her stay with you in the real world, who would it be? I think Luna Lovegood or Noah Czerny, I’d be good friends with them both.
  3. Who would win in a battle: Magnus Bane or Dumbledoor? Thats just not a fair thing to ask.
  4. If you could read only one book for the read of your life what book would that be? I don’t understand the question.
  5. Now ship characters from different books! Macy from Gallager Girls with Maxon from The Selection (first pairing I thought of).
  6. Got a go-to snack when reading? Nope.
  7. What’s your favorite classic? Alice in Wonderland.
  8. Would you rather: have 1 million books but no time to read them all, or 1 book with all the time in the world? 1,000,000,000 books!
  9. Who’s your favorite antagonist? Draco Malfoy is a good contender for this one.
  10. What’s on your Summer TBR list? See it here but it includes finishing City of Heavenly Fire and Hamilton.
  11. What’s your latest DNF book? I almost always make myself finish books, because I like knowing what happens. So, I honestly have no ida. I am currently reading “The Brain That Changes Its Self” though. Its non-fiction, and its good so far.

I Tag:


Questions for those I Tagged:

  1. What book are you currently reading?
  2. Favorite non-review post you’ve ever written?
  3. Favorite review you’ve written?
  4. What is your reading goal for this year?
  5. What is the next book on your TBR?
  6. Any pets? Show us a picture.
  7. What 2016 release are you most dying for?
  8. Tea or coffee? What kind?
  9. Favorite bookmark?
  10. Favorite childhood book?
  11. Most embarrassing book/nerd/fangirl moment?

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