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A New Posting Schedule and Some Summer Goals

I am back from summer camp!

I’ll be writing all about it later, but today there were a few things I wanted to talk about.

You may have noticed the amount of posts over the last month were higher than well, pretty much ever, and were more or less consistent. That’s because I’m trying a new posting schedule, and I scheduled all the posts before I left for camp. I hate the fact that whenever I get busy, this blog falls to the wayside, and I think a posting schedule will help because 1) I can schedule specific posts in advance and 2) it gives me a concrete feeling deadline for me to meet which will motivate me to actually write.

This is my (tentative) schedule that I’m thinking of using (let me know what you think):

  • Monday: Personal or Discussion post (This I’ll try to do every week but will probably miss a lot because of who I am as a person and sometimes a lack of ideas for the week).
  • Wednesday: Book Reviews for the weeks when I’ve read a book I’d like to review
  • Friday: Tags when I’ve got them.
  • Other days won’t have a specific post except when I have a certain post I want to right one week, like if I have a haul or unboxing to do. I also want to start doing monthly wrap-ups but we’ll see how long that lasts. I might occasionally do top ten tuesdays or soundtrack saturdays (if you guys are interested?).

What do you guys think? Do you like this schedule? Any certain things you’d like to see my thoughts on?

Be for-warned, because of who I am as a person, I will likely manage to mess up the days I post what, this is (roughly) what I’ll post each week.

Now for my other summer goals:

  • Do my summer work more than a week before school starts. I have a bad habit of leaving stuff ’til the last minute.
  • Get caught up (or ahead!) on my goodreads challenge. I’m about 20 books behind (yikes I know!).
  • Stick to my posting schedule.
  • Actually start posting videos on my youtube channel. I want to do booktube videos and gaming videos. Would any of you watch?
  • Start writing Legacy Of Stardust (my novel).

4 thoughts on “A New Posting Schedule and Some Summer Goals”

  1. The schedule looks good. 😊 Good luck with all your goals! And have a productive reading month! 🎉

    By the way, best of luck with your novel as well! Excited to hear more about it!


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