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On Wisdom Teeth Removal

To start with, I’m sorry for any incoherency in this blog post. I got my wisdom teeth out at 8am, it is currently 5pm, I woke up an hour ago thats how tired and stupid painkillers and pain made me.

Sorry in advance.

This will have some talk of medical procedures and pain, as well as a picture of the nasty bruise the IV left me (though no gore of teeth removal or blood), just as a warning in case that triggers you. You might not want to read this.

If you want to read more about wisdom teeth removal in general, and about my experience so you know what to expect when you get your own removed, then keep reading.


Obligatory shame picture. I didn’t do anything funny enough to record though, I was sedated not given laughing gas. My face isn’t outwardly swollen, but on the inside…ow, I can barely close my mouth and my jaw is aching.


I am going to start this by saying that this is by no means the worst surgery I’ve ever had. Getting your tonsils out hurts about a billion times more. I could tell you horror stories about that week. (Open wounds in your throat + lemonade, no pain with ever top that ever)

But that doesn’t mean that wisdom teeth removal is enjoyable exactly. Still hurts, and is still irritating as all hell.

Up until now, I have removed teeth in four ways:

  1. Wiggled it until it fell out on its own.
  2. (For molars) Bit down on an airhead as hard as I could (when the tooth was loose) and opened by mouth slowly to find the tooth out and no bleeding (sugar stops bleeding and airheads are sugar, I did this for every molar, don’t know why it works, it just does.)
  3. Pulled out two teeth with the “string tied to a doorknob” trick. Yeah, that isn’t pleasant.
  4. And I lost my first tooth by biting into a pizza pocket. *Shrugs*


While I could tell you many a story for all of these things, but they aren’t the matter at hand, because none of them work for wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are extra teeth that are ancestors needed when they had bigger skulls but now we don’t because we don’t have room in our mouths. Some people don’t have any. Some people have 1, or 2, or 3, or if your very unlucky, 4.

I was marginally lucky. I have one on the bottom left that was already coming out and stabbing me and one on the top right that was no where near out yet and I think thats why that one hurts more, they had to go deeper into my jaw. Whole thing from paperwork to leaving took a little over an hour so it wasn’t that bad. My dad drove me home and I slept, again. Painkillers will do that to you. We also learned I was allergic to one of the painkillers, so that was fun.

Because I was sedated, I don’t remember much. I remember the struggle of putting in the IV, they stabbed my right arm once, right hand three times, and finally after much searching had to put it in my left wrist, the wrist being the most painful spot for an IV the the left being more inconvenient for the doctor. I have “deep, narrow, twisted, veins”, or so I’ve been told. Like, wow.


The bruises hurt, but not much compared to my face. After they got the IV in, they started the sedation. I had a choice between local anesthesia with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during which I could be conscious or sedation during which I’d still be breathing on my own (unlike anesthesia) but it wouldn’t be really awake. I chose sedation, I know myself, if I was conscious I would have punched the doctor. They hooked me up to a heart monitor and stuff because even though its routine it is still surgery. After that, I remember closing my eyes as they put a breathing thing on my nose and a little while later the nurse opening my mouth to put something to keep it open in it. I also remember hearing/feeling my jaw pop, but that was apparently them cracking my tooth to get it out, they did a pretty good job if I didn’t notice.

When I got up, I was all sorts of out of it. Didn’t remember moving to a cot or getting ice packs but there I was. Mostly I was thirsty, you are allowed to drink anything before surgery and my mouth had been open for an hour, you can imagine. Initially the bottom tooth hurt more, because the right side of my face and tongue were still completely numb, and while bottom left hurts when I move my jaw, at a base level, the top right hurts a lot more, probably because I stretched that muscle, or because they had to go deeper into my jaw, I’m not sure, but it feels like a migraine in my jaw, Thats the best way I can describe it.

I was given painkillers though, and anti-infammatory meds, and antibiotics. So I’ll be fine in a few days. Until then I’m living off milkshakes, mashed potatoes, pudding, and mac and cheese. And following the no straw rule, because I’d prefer not to mess up the stitches. I go back next week to get those removed.

I do know that the wisdom teeth removal has left holes in my jaw and while I’ll be fine in a week, the tissue of my jaw will take a few months to regenerate bone to fill the space, which is pretty cool.

I’m talking more about my experience rather than the actual science because I am very clearly more qualified to talk about one more than the other.

So, if you have to get your wisdom teeth out, ask your doctor about the actual medicine behind it, but really, while it does hurt, and it is annoying, its not the worst pain in the world, and it hurts a hell of a lot less then slowly getting stabbed in the jaw and cheek by a tooth growing where it shouldn’t. A weeks discomfort is worth not messing up the rest of your teeth.

Message to one of my best friends from today.
My little cousin sent me this when she emailed me to feel better. She’s so cute.

More Information:

Healing Timeline

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth

After Removal Care Tips


If you guys have any questions about wisdom teeth pain, feel free to ask!

This is part informative, part me being bored and wanting to rant because everything hurts. I have a pool party on sunday, but I won’t be able to swim because swimming+painkillers is how you drown and die.

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  1. I was 21 when I had mine removed. Oh my gosh the worst! So glad I won’t go through that again. My c sections may had been less painful!

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