An Academic Book Haul + Camp Merch

As you all know, I got back from camp last Friday, this is very late because I have been busy (seeing family, cleaning, wisdom teeth…) and the full account of my time away will be later still, but until then, I wanted to show off my souvenirs, most notably my books, this is a book blog after all.

The camp I go to is called Duke TIP. This year, I was actually on the Duke university campus. It is an academic summer camp and I took the “Neuroscience” program. We got three text books.


The Human Brain Book, though having the most uninspired title of all time, is actually really cool, its in full color and highly detailed and it comes with a CD of animations and narrations of pretty much every topic and figure in the book. I’ve only flipped through it. But its very cool.

The Brain That Changes Itself is a nonfiction book about plasticity, different neurologists, and some case studies. Its a fascinating read, though a slow one. I read these science book much slower than I read novels, but the writing isn’t dry, you can feel the author’s excitement, and since neurology is what I want to go into, I’m digging this book, though I’m only 200 pages in.

Neurobiology: A Functional Approach is a bit different than the other two. For one thing, it is an actual textbook used in actual college classes. It was written by the professor of MY professor. You know its legit. But it is also crazy expensive. So, for a class of 15 kids, they only bought three copies. And we weren’t strictly meant to keep it. But I was so excited my teacher let me keep it. Score! And its up-to-date too!(Yes I am the nerd who will read a college textbook for fun).


We went to the Nasher Museum that isn’t far from campus. They had a Neuroscience exhibit, and we got little booklets explaining each art piece and how it relates to the brain. We all saw the historical and photography sections of the museum. I loved it. Museums are my favorite part of vacation and I’m glad I got to go to one.

That first picture is of laptop stickers I got from the camp store. I’m getting a laptop soon, and I figured I’d get the stickers now since this was my last year at camp and I love it so much.

That second picture is a Mr.Bubble stuffed toy. You know, the mascot from the bubble bath pretty much everyone used as a kid? Or, at least I did. We went to Palace Central (think Dave and Buster’s) one day as a camp wide field-trip. A classmate of my roommate won it in a claw machine game but it scared them both, so it was passed to me! Isn’t he cute? He is currently chilling on my bookshelf.

The third picture is my lanyard. My camp requires us to wear them every waking moment, I kid you not I tried to wear it for about three days after camp ended out of habit. The orange signifies that I was a fourth year, and had the accompanying privileges. I’m writing a whole blog post about camp. I’ll explain more there. But look at all the pins!

That last picture is proof that neither me nor my roommate were good at photo booths.

First two pictures are the front and back of my RAG (Residential Advisory Group) shirt. The dad thing is a long story.

Second two pictures are the front and back of my class shirt. The woodpecker is our mascot because they don’t get concussions.

(Feel free to ask me in comments for the full story behind any of this, really)

Top two pictures are the front and back of my shirt from the fourth year paint war. Trust me, the damage was worse than it looks. I washed paint out of my hair for two days.

The bottom three in order are: An 3XL Duke University sweatshirt, a Duke TIP pajama T-shirt, and Duke University sweatpants.

Essentially, I love my camp, have little self control, and am fond of overly large, warm clothing despite living in a state where it is unnecessary.


So, what do you think? Has anyone else been to Duke TIP? Anyone going to Duke for college? Read any of the books I mentioned? Any stories from camp you’d like to hear? Let me know!


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