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Marvel Collector Corps: July: Women of Power Unboxing

I realize that this unboxing is, once again, very late, but to be honest, I wasn’t actually in the state when it arrived. So really, this is only a week after I got it. So I’m not really that late.

I don’t feel like explaining AGAIN what the Marvel Collector Corps is, so you can read about it here, in my: Marvel Collector Corps: April Box, which was my first unboxing. It was for the Civil War box.

The theme for June (the box comes every other month) was Women Of Power.


This is the box, cute right?


It comes with an iron on patch and pin, which is always cool.IMG_8516

And of course the pop figures, it is “Powered by Funko” after all. We got Captain Marvel and She-Hulk minis as well as a Squirrel Girl with Squirrel exclusive pop. Pretty cool, I’m actually dying to read Squirrel Girl, though I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Though I already support the fan casting of Anna Kendrick as Squirrel Girl, most definitely. IMG_8515

The variant cover comic, as always, is magnificent. I don’t read as many comics as I’d like to, but I love having more to add to my collection.IMG_8514

And of course, the T-shirt. I purposefully get it a size too big, but they run true to size. The are quite comfortable as well, and are well made, both my shirts survive many trips through the washer so far. And I really like this months theme and design.

The theme for August is Spiderman, which, too be honest, I’m not stocked for, because I’m on Spiderman overload at this point. But Spiderman in Civil War was hilarious despite all the crap he was getting preemptively, so I’m glad to be getting the next box (yay for a year subscription!)

Honestly, if you want a subscription box and you like Marvel, I highly recommend the Collector Corps box. Its $25 per box (every other month a box ships), everything is high quality, and exclusive. Every box comes with a shirt, a variant comic, and at least one pop figure plus some other things that vary. And no this isn’t sponsored, this is fully my own opinion.


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