Captain America: Civil War – Movie Review

5 Stars

(I’m not good at being critical of things I like…)

(Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post)

I don’t think there is a Marvel fan left who hasn’t seen Civil War.

And yes, I know, that this is REALLY late, but I’m bored enough to not care, I am going to write a review because I want to.

Now, I saw the movie back when it came out, but before then, I wrote a post about my predictions for the movie. I also wrote about my Marvel Collector Corps civil war box. If you want to check out either of those. My predictions were scarily on point for the most part.

The movie was really good and you should definitely watch it if you haven’t yet. And if you haven’t, don’t keep reading this, because I will inevitably spoil you.


I was looking through my drafts to find something I was interested in finishing while I watched Netflix and found this…

Guess I never wrote it? Everything above the heading “review” was written. But no actual review was done… I guess I forgot to do it before camp and upon returning, it never slipped back into focus.

It is impossibly late to review this movie. I don’t even think its in theaters still. But I’ll still do a short review, because I feel obligated to finish  what I start and I’m sure some of you were interested (at some point) in my opinions.

So, here we go: (Spoilers past this point)

Civil War was an AMAZING movie. The Captain America movies are arguably my favorites of the MCU (only half because I’m a sucker for Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan).

I think they balanced the screen time between characters well, though I wish they showed Tony’s side of the argument just a bit more. Because of course, Cap is in the right, in this particular instance. But Tony’s arguement makes sense as a long term plan (and coming from a place of survivor’s guilt and PTSD…). The problem was, in mixing everyone’s neurosises together, the characters like the ability to have a rational conversation without bloodshed (and god am I mad that the “I didn’t want to fight” “well you started a war” was only in the trailer not the movie from what I could tell).

It was mostly well argued for both sides though, I’ll give them that. Tony’s side does hold more of an equal weight in the comics, when the argument is over the X-men rather than Bucky (who GOSHDAMN KILLED ME WITH THE PLUMS BUCKY BABY NO).

Trust me, I can rant AT LENGTH about differences from the comic (civil war being one of the few arcs I’ve read) and about character interactions and why both Steve and Tony are right in their own ways.

I will say I’m a little mad that they didn’t mention Peggy being Tony’s godmother. Like, I understand her death is meant as Steve’s breaking point, but it should have acted as Tony’s too. Also, I wanted an end credits scene of Steve’s horrified realization that Sharon Carter, his girlfriend, is Tony Stark’s godsister. I needed that. Someone write me the fanfic. If I have to deal with Sharon Carter (who I love in the comics but was reduced to a USELESS love interest in the movie and she deserves so much more) than I deserve to have that headcanon that she is the one that forces Tony and Steve’s reconciliation.

Speaking of Sharon Carter. She literally existed to be like “so my aunt, your ex-girlfriend just died. It sucks. Lets make out”. Like, Sam and Bucky had more foreplay/flirting in the ten minutes they interacted than Steve and Sharon did across two movies. (I am firmly a stucky shipper and they way they dealt (I originally typed this as dealed and starred at the screen for ten minutes asking spell-check “isn’t it a word, I think its a word” and then I said it out loud and went…oh…) with the “being peggy’s niece thing” but essentially not dealing with it except to use it to justify them getting together peeved me off).

T’challa was great (I love him now, new baby). Every fight scene made me both laugh and sob. Spiderman was surprising in that he made me laugh rather than making me want to shoot him for being the third Peter Parker in a decade. Giant Man was a great surprise. Who sided with who SLAYED me, they all made sense but Vision versus Wanda, Clint versus Natasha, etc.? All hurt. It hurt bad.

I’m going to stop now because otherwise I’ll rant for HOURS. You can’t tell that I’m censoring myself because I still sound insane, but I am.



So, what did you think of my rant/review? What did you think of the movie? Any of your own rants you’d like to share? Let me know!



9 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War – Movie Review

  1. I really enjoyed watching Captain America but I have to agree with some of your points here – like Sharon’s character was just a simple love interest and she did not have that much of a role which was kind of disappointing and I was a bit hesitant going into the movie like how are both of them going to be against one another but when I watched it, it was well argued from both sides and they have their reasons for their decisions. AND ERMAGAWD! Peter Parker was freaking hilarious. I was dying lolol It was a nice surprise 🙂

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