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SuperCon 2016


As I have for the past two years, I went to Supercon this year! I went July 3rd and 4th (yes this is late, but I am lazy and didn’t find the time to write this before, aka I forgot).

This is a quick blog post. I’m sure all of you already know conventions are great, and I don’t really have any exciting stories of meeting people or doing something stupid this year. (Though I did go to a panel with Natalia Tena and Devon Murray and I asked Devon what he thought of Seamus/Dean as a pairing and he was all for it but said he’d read some disgusting things online that scarred him. He’s hilarious. He told stories about his mum flirting with Alan Rickman and how he think Seamus/Dean should be canon.).

As in years past, we watched A LOT of panels/shows by Pineapple Shaped Lamps (they are a comedy trope and they are my favorite). You can see their youtube channel here. The above is the front and back of a shirt I bought to support them. It is my second PSL shirt, my mom accidentally bleached the one from 2 years ago.




  • The Flash socks were won from a raffle at the CW booth in the exhibition hall. I thought they we cool.
  • The bag was free at a board game shop where I bought:
  • Munchkin: Marvel edition. I LOVE munchkin, its such a fun game, and my dad loves it too, and since we both like MARVEL my dad bought me the edition. (Its pretty cool.)



  • The last day I MEET CLAUDIA GRAY!!! I didn’t have enough cash on me to buy her book (which I’m DYING to read) but she did sign a bookmark for me. So thats nice.
  • I also bought a bunch of buttons. I’m obsessed with buttons. The top on is a PSL button (Rocky shadow-cast edition). The others are just fandom-y.
  • I also got a PSL laptop sticker. I don’t even HAVE the laptop yet and I ALREADY am buying sticker for it. Yeesh.



Here’s just some more random pictures (most I already posted on Instagram).

Some selfies with PSL, pictures with cool cosplays (and of my killing my cousin with a lightsaber). Main picture is my cousin with an artist she won art from. That was pretty cool.

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