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Book-Tube-A-Thon 2016: My TBR

This year, Book-Tube-A-Thon is from July 18 TO July 24. And I am joining!

I’ll probably fail all my challenges, because I’m bad with TBR’s and I am doing my summer homework these coming weeks (and writing, and cleaning, and all the other things I have to do), but I wanted to try. And I’m more motivated to try when I annouce it on my blog.

So, I’m going to stop the rambling and tell you my reading plans for each challenge.

The challenges this year are/The books I’ll read for each:

Read a book with yellow on the coverTrial of Apollo by Rick Riordan (this counts right?)

Read a book only after sunsetTimeLord Fairytales by Justin Richards (since this is short stories and I can read one or two each night, like a bedtime story)

Read a book you discovered through booktubeThe Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (this one is a long time coming)

Read a book by one of your favourite authorsMagnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer by Rick Riordan (I really need to get to this…)

Read a book that’s older than youThe Caves Of Androzani by Terrance Dicks (I’ve been meaning to get to it AND its over a decade older than me)

Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptationStruck By Lightning by Chris Colfer (Been meaning to read this for a while + its the shortest book I have that has a movie adaptation I have access to)

Read seven books – I need a seventh book so I’ll say Captain America: Sub Rosa (because I have the e-arc from netgalley and the file only lasts 15 more days.)


So, what do you think of my TBR? Place your bets now as to whether or not I’ll stick to it, we all now I have a terrible track record with that.

Is anyone else doing Book-Tube-A-Thon? What are you reading? Let me know!


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