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Mini-Movie Reviews: American Ultra + Pride Prejudice and Zombies + Neighbors (2) + Kindergarten Cop 2

I have watched a lot of movies the past week, but I am far too lazy to write a full review for any of them so… Figured I’d just do a post of mini-reviews detailing a few of my thoughts on each.

American Ultra:


American Ultra was a weird bloody movie. And I mean bloody as in actual blood. It was action packed and entertaining, though the plot was somewhat lacking. Worth the watch if your bored or with friends. I liked Jesse Eisenberg in the movie. And even Kristen Stewart didn’t annoy me.

Pride Prejudice and Zombies:


I really liked this movie, Matt Smith was adorable as always (and was literally my entire reason for wanting to watch this movie) but his character was just begging to be dropkicked in the face. The action and fighting scenes were good, and since I never read either of the books it is based on, I thought it was a really good adaptation. I always love Pride and Prejudice adaptations but I’ve never read the actual book… Maybe I should.

Neighbors/Neighbors 2:


Neighbors 2 just came out in theaters (at the time I’m writing this at least), so I watched Neighbors 1 before seeing it. It is a stupid, not so vaguely inappropriate movie, which I usually hate (I hate dumb comedies usually), but I love Zac Efron so I stuck with it and I was glad. They have nice messages (which is odd I know) but the acting is great and since it is so aware of its stupidity, it stops making me annoyed and instead makes me laugh. Neighbors 2 was pretty much the same, except it passes the Bechdel test. I did like both though.

Kindergarten Cop 2:


Kindergarten Cop was like an off-brand mix of Daddy Day Care/Camp and Spy Next Door and is a straight to DVD sequel to a movie from the 90’s I never watched. I literally only watched it because I bored. It was decent enough to kill two hours, but not to go out of your way to buy it though. It was funny though, the children and his reaction to both them and the “political correctness” of the school he is teaching at is hilarious.

So, have any of you seen any of these? What did you think? Do you want me to do more mini movie reviews? Let me know!!!

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