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Poem: The Princess Grows Up

Once upon a time
There was…
This isn’t that story


No princes
No dragons
No knights
No crowns


Once upon a time
There is a girl
And she is only that


There is a girl playing in the meadow
The flowers her make-believe kingdom
A tangle of weeds
Becomes her pseudo crown


She is a princess
And she isn’t
She is real
She is pretending
To be a princess


Picturing rabbits
For Alice to follow
Into Wonderland
Young enough still
For fairytales


There is a girl
Playing in the meadow
Soon she is called in for dinner
She is berated
Real girls do not
Get dirt on their dresses
Weeds in their hair


The flowers are not her kingdom
They are not a kingdom at all



Winter comes
And flowers die
Her kingdom crumbles
After all
Little girls must grow up sometime
Just like Wendy did
Time to lock the windows
Against the night
And those who belong to it


She is too big to fall down rabbit holes
Too old to never grow up
There are no fairies in the garden
There are no princesses
Fairytales aren’t for
Real girls
The meadow kingdom
Will never have a queen


The princess always grows up
Before she can believe
And then it is
Too late


A little girl sits in a meadow
But she is not so little anymore
The flowers look for their princess
But all they get is a ghost


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