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Discussion: Audiobooks

Audiobooks are much debated in the book community. Some people swear by them. Some people hate them. Some love audible. Some love overdrive. Some people debate the merit of certain narrators over others. Some people don’t think they count as real reading. Some people disagree with that idea.

My own opinion is that, as a concept, audiobooks are great. They let people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to read the chance to (either because of time or other obligations). You can listen to books, “read” while you clean or drive or whatever. I do think audiobooks count as “real” reading despite what some people may say.

But… I still hate audiobooks. Personally at least. I’m all for the existence and listening to of audiobooks (my dad listens to audiobooks all the time in the car). But I just can’t do it. Audiobook bother me too much.

For one thing, I read at quite a fast pace, so I could read most books faster than the audiobook would take to play.

For another thing, I can’t follow with an audiobook. I get distracted easily, and I am not an auditory learner usually. I forget details almost immediately when I’m just listening (which is why I actually have to read the textbook for class because being talked at doesn’t help me). I just cannot focus on audiobooks, I prefer to physically be reading a book.

Also, I hate listening to other people’s inflections on dialogue. I like imagining character voices for myself, and I can’t do that with an audiobooks.

These are just some of my problems with audiobooks. I don’t mean to hate, I just wanted to explain my own stance on them. I’ll probably get use to them and end up loving them one day. But for today, I just can’t.

Case in point, my dad listens to audiobooks all the time. I’m usually in the car with him when he does so I’ve heard enough, it just bothers me. I can’t even really remember which books he listened to. He listened to Game Of Thrones (the whole series) and I heard many a death scene. Still, because it was an audiobook I cannot remember a single thing I heard on the audiobook. The only audiobook I LIKED listening to was The Making Of The Princess Bride because different actors/people involved read different parts and it was non-fiction not a story, so I focused a lot more on it. I liked that. But I still won’t listen to audiobooks regularly.


Does anyone else share my opinion on audiobooks? Or do any of you really love them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



9 thoughts on “Discussion: Audiobooks”

  1. I love to read books myself! As you stated I can read faster than an audio book and I would much rather picture the characters voices in my head and the tone they use not the voice over actor/actress. However, I have to listen to audio books most time 😦 sigh. I have no time during the summer to enjoy a book(s). 3 kids and a house to clean then cooking and laundry & so forth there is no way I could sit down and really enjoy a book the way I prefer. So I’m torn. I happen to really appreciate audio books and get them from my local library often. Not to mention I can listen to my favorite audio book and multi task which I do often anyway. I have to say it really depends on the voice over actor/actress but I like the option of audio books 🙂

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  2. I pretty much agree with you and dislike audio books myself. I also agree audio books give people who might not have opportunities to read a way to explore literature (which I think is awesome). For me it comes down to comprehension and I comprehend by reading much differently than I do by listening and I feel like I experience the story differently in audio form than I would have if I read it. Thank you for this post!


  3. I definitely don’t like listening to audiobooks. Good to know someone else feels the same as me. I make exceptions sometimes… Like for a long distance car ride or something. But I understand the story better and comprehend better if I actually read it myself. Great post!


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