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The Book Monsters Tag


Thank You!!!

I was tagged by Icebreaker694! Thank you! You are amazing!


  • You can use any monsters you’d like- cute monsters, not so cute monsters… it’s all your choice- and compare them each with a book!
  • Make sure you link back to the original artists of the images you use so they get credit! (All the images I used are from google, I didn’t know how to find the original artists though, sorry!)
  • If you can, tell us why you chose each pair, but if you don’t have a reason why, that’s okay, too.
  • If you want to keep this tag going, be sure to tag people!
  • Please link back to Betwixt These Pages to give her credit and so she can see all your posts!
  • Have fun!

Let’s do this thang


Because the Monster book of Monsters is a book within a book (or movie really, since thats where the picture is from) and The Princess Bride is all about a story within a story.


Because I loved Pokémon as a kid (still do) but haven’t played in a while and I loved the My Sister The Vampire series as a kid and haven’t read them in a while either.


The daleks are a colorful and excited bunch that never seem to die. The Heroes of Olympus series is colorful and the Rick Riordan books never seem to end. It works.


Both exist as inside jokes between me and various groups of my friends.


navi_wallpaper_by_seudonym-d5rmelk is-approximately-equal-to-symbol_318-58869beezus-and-ramona-book-cover-author-beverly-cleary

Navi to me was always like an annoying sibling you can’t help but love. Ramona is the quintessential embodiment of that sentence.


The soot sprites show up in many Studio Ghibli movies, always as bumbling and sort of in the background. The Rest of Us Just Live Here uses every fantasy trope, and places it in the background. They match to me at least.



That was really fun! (I don’t think half the things I used even count as monsters….)

I Tag


Have fun!

And happy reading!!!


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