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Throwback Thursday: Letter to a Vampire

Every once in a while, on a Thursday, I post an old school assignment that I have written as a “throwback thursday” type thing when I have an assignment I’ve found that seems interesting enough to post. Mostly as a way to showcase my writing. All assignments are posted after that particular school year has ended so that the teacher cannot say”I found this online, F for plagarism” and I have to explain that its my blog and whatnot.


This particular assignment is from 10th grade honors English II. Basically, we had to find a current event in the news of Florida (not hard, weird stuff happens here all the time), and write a short, fictional story based on the article.

This is mine:


News Based Short Story

Letter From A Vampire


News Article:


The biggest lie that vampire novels tell you is that we sparkle. We don’t. But we don’t burn like Dracula either, we just sort of…exist. We do however fall in love with humans sometimes, because we’re humans too, just humans who don’t age and drink blood. But, we are human. Well, human-ish. And since I never intended to fall in love with an actual, mortal human, luck would have it that I did, because I’m an idiot. And well, lets just say this doesn’t end with a sparkly, happily ever after.

I met Dave at the local community college of the town I’m currently staying in. He was in my World History class, and he was nice. So, I went out with him. That’s what you do in college, even when you’re sixty years old and only look like you’re 22. But Dave didn’t need to know that, no one needed to. I had everything under control. Except then Dave fell in love with me, and I fell in love with him. That’s where it all went wrong, after all, immortals aren’t really supposed to fall for mortals, they die to easily.

I was careful. I didn’t let him see me drinking blood. He didn’t suspect I was anything other than a human, college girl. I admit, he wasn’t the sharpest; actually, I think there are toothpicks sharpest in wit than him. But he was sweet and cute and had no chance of finding out anything he wasn’t supposed to. And then I messed up.

We’d been together for a year, and I thought, maybe he would understand, maybe he would accept the fact that I was a vampire, after all, it’s the 21st century, and its not like I’d eat him. But that’s the kind of foolish hope love gives you. Because he freaked out. Well, the fact that I told him about you at the same time probably didn’t help that.

My child. You are human, like your father, which is why I left you at the orphanage. By the time you are old enough to read this, I hope you’ve found a good family and you forgive me for what I did. I killed your father. I killed Dave. I killed him because I loved him and I didn’t have a choice. He ran out of our apartment, screaming about vampires and child sacrifice.

I think the news of my vampirism and your impending arrival broke his brain. Something in him snapped. I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t listen. So, I drank him dry and tossed him in the river. They haven’t found him yet. Then again, the police didn’t care much about his shouting; he was just another drunken college kid. But someone would have listened one day, and I couldn’t have them hurting you. So, I killed my love and gave you up baby girl. Because you’re human, and the best thing I could do was stay far away.

Love, forever and always,

Your mother Kara


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