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Throwback Thursday: 10th grade X for Vendetta Speech

Every once in a while, on a Thursday, I post an old school assignment that I have written as a “throwback thursday” type thing when I have an assignment I’ve found that seems interesting enough to post. This time I am a speech from tenth grade. Basically, we had to take the intro speech from the V for Vendetta movie, rewritting it using a letter other than V.

My teacher told us not to do X because it was too difficult, and that even he couldn’t do it.

So, I did X, and it was the most difficult thing ever.

But I got an A, so its all good.


X for Vendetta Speech

Xierach! In examination, a modest axis of The X, playing both xonked Xesus and Xerxes by the xenium of xenia Fate. This vexing expression, neither xenial nor xenodochial, is a Xerox of a faux, now annexed past. However, this xenomorphic moxie of a long exacerbation, which stands xany and xerophytic before you, with xanthippe, will be a xenagogue to the xanthoriatic xaroncharoo of xbobo, who will be taxed and xickovit, at once xenacious and xaern, when faced with my xenophatic xanduism come true. They will be no xield for their downfall. For this xenogenic overtaking, to lead into a xenogenesis, lead by xiphoid or xrayic means for the rectification of the xiathum, to xoompin until only the xper and xerlo remain. Non-xer, this prolixed speech should turn more xeroflulogitis, so let me simply add that it’s my extremely good honor to meet you and you may call me X.



Xierach! – Exclamation of surprise or delight

Axis – a controllable part

The X – term for theater of circus fairground

Xonked – confused or victimized

Xesus – savior who dies in pursuit of goal, greek for “Jesus”

Xerxes – “ruler of heroes”, defeater of heroes, villain who succeeds

Xenium – gift

Xenia – hospitality

Xenial – friendly to owner, to self

Xenodochial – friendly to strangers

Xenomorphic – a complete change

Exacerbation – annoyance

Xany – crazy, energetic

Xerophytic – resilient, able to withstand drought or failure

Xanthippe – ill-tempered

Xenagogue – guide to a different way of life

Xanthoriatic – not intelligent in one thing, but reasonably intelligent in others

Xaroncharoo – brilliant, insane, and evil

Xbobo – of/belonging to/in ancient times

Xickovit – sick of / annoyed by

Xenacious – yearn for change

Xaern – to like something and then begin to hate it

Xenophatic – of wit and satire

Xanduism – fantasy, idealism

Xield – a buffer

Xenogenic – originating from elsewhere

Xenogenesis – a complete change into something else/ something strange

Xiphoid – sword or sword shaped

Xrayic – powerful

Xiathum – a disaster area

Xoompin – to drive over or get past bumps in the road

Xper – intelligent, expert

Xerlo – good, nice, favorite things or people

Xer – just a little

Xeroflulogitis – at a loss for words



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