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The Olympics Book Tag

I wasn’t tagged, but I saw this on Icebreaker694 (and literally every other blog) and I wanted to do it. I know I’m crazy late, but I’ve been crazy busy lately. And in all honesty, I didn’t follow the Olympics all that much (I am not a sports person, neither watching nor doing) but I was proud of our team! (U S A, U S A!!!).

So lets do this, before I lose my nerve of doing it so late…

(I’m not putting any pictures or anything, because I’m kind of lazy right now and writing this on the laptop I’m still not 100% comfortable using yet so…yeah. NO pictures sorry. This is so late though I don’t think anyone cares… But LOOK! New graphic!)

Ancient Greece: the book that started it all for you.

This is such a standard answer but for me, it really was Harry Potter, those were the first books that I read on my own and instilled a love of reading in me.

Opening Ceremony: a series that you love that has a lot of excitement and fanfare surrounding it.

Definitely going with the Throne of Glass series here (even though I’ve only read the first book + some of the novellas) because I’m dying to finish/get caught up on this series!

Gymnastics: a book full of twists and flips.

I’m going to go with Wink Poppy Midnight for this one, because it is one of the few books I’ve read in recent years in which I so no part of the ending coming (and also because its the first one I thought of).

You can read my review of it here if you want to see my full thoughts!

Wrestling: a book that you keep picking up and putting back down.

You might hate me but, City Of Heavenly Fire, I’ve been trying to read this for years, literally since it came out (I pre-ordered it and EVERYTHING). I love The Mortal Instruments, but life keeps getting in the way (and this isn’t the easiest book to lug to school).

Track & Field: a book made up of a lot of parts.

I’m going to go with The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat (And Other Clinical Tales) by Oliver Sacks.

For two reasons: 1) Its a great book of case studies that almost read like short stories (except with the science explained at the end), hence the “”many parts”. And 2) I am currently reading An Anthropologist On Mars by Oliver Sacks and it made me think of it.

Weightlifting: a book you have trouble picking up due to its size.

Again, standard answer here: Game of Thrones.

Though, I am also hesitant because the series isn’t finished and i dislike starting unfinished series…

Archery: a book that missed the mark for you.

Delirium. Lots of people love this series, but it just doesn’t work for me. I do like Lauren Oliver’s standalones though (so don’t hate me!)

Badminton: a lesser-known but equally amazing read.

I’m going to go with Because You’ll Never Meet Me. No one in the book blogging community seems to have read it, and its one of my all time favorite books!

(Also, shout out to my best friend who plays badminton for our school team! I was ~supposed~ to tryout with her, but couldn’t get my physician to sign off on the sports insurance because of my knee…)


You can see my review here if you need more convincing!

Rowing: a book with an awesome team of characters.

How can I not say The Raven Boys for this one! I finished The Raven King MONTHS ago and I’m still not over it! (I have a series review going up for this soon actually, so look out for that!!).

Diving: a book that you easily jumped right into.

For this I am going to say The Martian! I read this one last year, after it was recommended to me by one of my best friends (Lilly!!! – Who does swimming so this EXTRA works as my answer!) and it was the book club pick for English Honor Society at school!

Closing Ceremony: a book/series with a bittersweet ending.

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