My Excuse This Time…

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, than you know well enough that I often get distracted and forget that this blog exists, or more accurately, I don’t write any posts because I get too lazy. As usual, my excuse for this is: school fries my brain.

I know, I’m terrible at life, and I am trying to get better. But my posts will be…sporadic at best, despite my intentions to be better. I get around this by scheduling posts well in advance when I can, and in the worst cases, backlogging posts so it looks like I didn’t neglect my blog for over a month at a time…

I’ve been procrastinating my homework (because who wants to do AP Lang or AP Chem work?). So, I backlogged about 5 book reviews, and scheduled A LOT of tags for the coming weeks, so you guys will have something to read!

I will still be commenting, and responding, its just the writing I’ll be a bit behind on, because lets face it, I write so much for AP Lang and now that I’m starting to do scholarship applications? I might melt if I have to write blog posts everyday, no matter how much I like doing so.

If any one wants to request some posts, or discussions they’d like me to do, I’d be open to it. Or like, study guides, I could make some of those. And if you have any tips for reading slumps or time management, I’m all ears!

( Also, how are you guys liking the new blog graphics?!)

6 thoughts on “My Excuse This Time…”

  1. The only way I will be able to keep my blog well maintained when the new semester starts is writing posts in advance & scheduling them. I’m already doing that. But really, I think that’s the key to time management. You need to get things done before they are actually due and to be able to do that, you need to be extremely well organized (& disciplined). I’m still figuring out my perfect organizing system…


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