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A (Long Overdue) Book Haul!!

Okay, so this is… Long over due. But, I’m bad at staying on top of things!

I am really excited to show you guys this though!


Over the summer, I bought (pre-ordered) Cursed Child, as many a Potter-fan did. I still have not gotten around to it, a combination of summer homework, school starting, and being utterly scared of being disappointed have kept me from reading it.

I also got And I Darken over the summer. My grandma was here visiting us for over a month, and saw me mooning over the signed copy at Target. So, she bought it for me. Also have not gotten to it yet, but I’m dying to!




I bought all these books on book outlet. For 7 hardbacks and 1 paperback + shipping a paid a total of $35, so that was GREAT! I read The Ice Dragon, you can see my review here.

I started reading the Paradox of Vertical Flight. It pretty decent so far. I want to get to all these books before the end of the year, both because I’m super excited for them, and because I’m SUPER behind in my goodreads challenge.

(I am behind on life in general, this is nothing new. I have projects, silver knight, testing to sign up for, everything)

Aside from these books that I bought, I also got approved for a few Netgalley arcs recently!


I am currently reading this book, I’m 14% in and LOVING IT. It is a non-fiction book, but its told in a very narrative style, and though it is a science book, is written with a very historical, humanistic perspective that interweaves Patient H.M.’s history with the history of those around him, as well as exploring the author’s own ties. It is immensely enjoyable.


This is another nonfiction arc. I haven’t started it yet, but it looks promising. Can you tell I’ve been on a nonfiction kick?


Oh look! Fiction! This is a YA Contemporary that just looked cute and interesting. And my request got approved so, I’ll be reviewing and reading that sometime in the next month! (I kind of hate the cover though!)


This is yet another nonfiction book. his one, not about health, but about space, space travel, and the implications of humanity achieving the ability to treat space as a tourist destination. It seemed interesting, and well, I grew up in Florida, at minimum a vague interest in space is required to live here.


If you’re particularly interested in any of these, let me know, and I’ll try to read and review that book first!



This is a Vision costume shirt I bought from Think Geek. I mostly got it cause it was on sale but I’ll probably wear it for Halloween.


Also from Think Geek. I wanted new pajamas. These are Science officer ones. Its a onesie type thing. I like it. My mother thinks its okay to keep the house at 68 degrees. Its a little big, but I am short so…

Okay, thats pretty much it for my haul!

What do you think? Have you read any of the books? What did you think of them?

Other exciting things!!:

  • I ordered my class ring!
  • I bought concert tickets for Panic! At the Disco in April. I’m going with like, 7 friends. It’ll be great.


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