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Discussion: On Discussion Posts

So…I haven’t done a discussion post in a long time. I haven’t done much of anything that wasn’t a quick scheduled review or tag in a long time. Though, to be fair, school is hard, I love this blog too much to just let it keep failing by the wayside (which is why I’ve writing this instead of doing AP Calculus homework because I hate derivatives).

Logical conclusion?

Tell you guys what I’ve been up to, why my posting has been sporadic at best, and my plans for the (near) future.

Then, were having a little meta-talk on discussion posts, their role in book blogs, the good, the bad, and the arguably too many ideas in my drafts folder. If you only came for the discussion and don’t care about my personal ramblings, scroll until you hit the pink header.


What I’ve Been Up To:

Really? Just school. 4 AP classes, 2 honors courses, 5 honor societies/clubs, an officer position, and the general stress of junior year makes it hard to find time to write, because when I do have time, my brain feels like mush and all I want to do is watch tv and sleep. I haven’t even been reading. Which brings me to…

Why My Posting Has Been Sporadic At Best:

Aside from the school/time factor, I’ve also been in the BIGGEST READING SLUMP to hit me since maybe middle school. A combination of stress, and perpetually fried brain has made me, well, not really ant to read a lot.

Yesterday, I started Not If I See You First, and hopefully, unlike the multitude of books I’ve started and put down in the last few months, I get through it. I’m loving it, but, especially with AP Lang, reading feels like a colossal amount of effort, especially since i’m about 50 books behind on my reading challenge (yes, thats how bad my reading slump is).

Plans For The (Near) Future:

In no particular order:

  • Find some time to schedule posts, so when THIS happens, I have something to fall back on.
  • Actually plan my birthday, which is in A WEEK and I still haven’t invited my friends over because of a-fore mentioned poor time management.
  • Not die of stress.

Really, I’m trying here. I also signed up to be a blogger for some different blog tour sites recently, so be on the lookout for some stuff with that!

On Discussion Posts

Now, I LOVE reading discussion posts, and I love writing them. I like sharing my opinion and reading the opinions of others. That is, after all, what blogging is about. Recently, the bookish-blog discussions floating around are about the role of YA as literature, and on diversity and representation in fiction. Both of which I’ll be sharing my own thoughts of in the coming weeks.

Love them or hate them, discussions are a part of the book blogging community. Some people are all about them, some people post sporadically, and some people are practically allergic to them, but there are here to stay.

Now, the discussion posts I hate are the ones that feel like the author didn’t care, where they felt they HAD to give their opinion, even if they didn’t particularly want to do so. I also hate the animosity of it sometimes, with people jumping at each other’s throats for posting “unoriginal” discussion, or even just for having a different opinion. I hate that is stops people from writing what they want, for sharing the opinions they have.

I started writing this a while back, and lost my steam. But I feel quite strongly about this. I love discussion posts, I wish more people wrote them.

On the subject of discussion posts, I have a bunch of them in my drafts/ideas folder. Which ones would you guys most like to see?

  • On Reading Nonfiction
  • Branching Out From YA
  • The “Right Age” For YA
  • Best and Worst of Book Covers
  • Age Appropriate Books
  • Diversity In Books
  • New Release vs. Back-Log Books
  • Reading Slumps
  • Bookshelf Organization
  • On Book Tags
  • Objectivity In Book Reviews
  • Reading Multiple Books At Once
  • Series vs. Standalone

These are the discussions in my ideas folder. Tell me which ones you’d like to see! And if they is any topic you’d like to see my thoughts on, a discussion you want me to jion, or any other idea for me, leave me a comment done below telling me, I’d be happy to write about it!!


What do you think? Join in the discussion! What do you think of discussion posts!

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