Today I Needed To Rant – Some Updates And Arcs

Today I am having a little birthday party – friends are coming over to watch movies and eat food. So I’m quite excited and feeling justified in procrastinating homework.

I just wanted to give a sort of general little life update. And blog update.

Life wise, school is killing me (16 grade spanish project with a teacher who is so picky she barely gives As…kill me now, my mother has already threatened to baker act me if I panic any more). But is otherwise fine. My actual birthday was terrible, but time is calming me down.

Most of my friends bought me books for my birthday, so later today you’ll get a book haul.


You can follow me here: @RiverMooseVlogs!

And I finally logged in to my blogging email on my new computer so if you have a review request, or just want to chat, my blogging/business email is :

I’ve received a BUNCH of arcs recently, which I’m psyched about!

I just received Unfathomable Chance by KT Munson from the author herself, Blogging For Books is sending me Alexander Hamilton’s Guide To Life, and I have six arcs from Netgalley: Patient HM, Climate Change and the Health of Nations, Traveler’s Guide To Space, Fabrication of the Truth, Piper Perish, and Butterfly Bones.

I also requested my first two arcs from publishers, so here’s hoping I get them. I requested Last of August by Brittany Cavallero and Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas.

I discovered the existence of Nowhere Near You yesterday and immediately requested an arc I was so excited. The first book, Because You’ll Never Meet Me, is one of my favorite books of all time and I thought it was a standalone. I’m so happy its not. So I’m hoping with all my heart my request is approved.


That’s really all I wanted to say I think. I completely lost my train of thought!

I’ll post a book haul either later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how late it is when the party ends…


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