I Won A Giveaway: An Awesome Haul

To celebrate her 900 followers milestone, Sammie @ Bookshelves&Biros hosted a giveaway (and really, truly, go check out her blog, because she is amazing and wonderful and deserves those 900 followers and many, many, more!).

I won said giveaway, which was very exciting! Friday, the package came in the mail and I wanted to share this as a mini haul for you guys! I also wanted to thank Sammie again, and give her a shoutout, you should ALL go follow her blog, I don’t think you’ll regret it!



This picture above is just a sort of general, look at everything, picture. I’ll go into each item below, but I am very very happy!



First two items are these cute little pins, which is great because I collect pins (I have so many, they aren’t even on anything they are just on my shelf…).

I’m not sure what the feminist one is from, but its super cool looking! If anyone wants to let me know what its from, I’d gladly accept that information.

The You Are Wanted one I’m pretty sure is for Holding Up The Universe, it is also super cute.



This is  fairly large poster for Square Root Of Summer, a book I’ve been DYING to read. Even more so now with the awesome quote on the awesome poster!



Then we have a The Girl Of Ink & Stars tote bag which is epic because I am a total hoarder/bag lady (according to my mother) and am in constant need of tote bags.



The main attraction of course, is the book.

The Haunting by Alex Bell is perfect to read now for halloween, even if I’ll end up finishing it in November. And I’ve heard great things about the author, I’m super excited to get to this!



We also got some stickers. It’s Tough Being A Girl is from a Holly Bourne book, and it’ll be great for my poor naked laptop.

The Be Dangerous sticker is signed(!) by Leigh Bardugo and I’m going to save it to put into my copy of Six of Crows when I stop being cheap/lazy and go buy it. It’s one of my most wanted books.



This is a Rhy/Feyra card for A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J Maas. The artwork is beautiful, and my best friend is about two seconds away from stealing this from me. I read and loved ACOTAR but I have yet to read ACOMAF. The (kinda graphic) sex thing is off-putting to me. But I’m going to get to it soon, since I did love the first book and Ana might beat me if I don’t…



And last but not least, some bookmarks, which I am always in dire need off! Here you can see the front and back and these three lovely bookmarks that I will most definitely be using. Their super cute!


10 thoughts on “I Won A Giveaway: An Awesome Haul”

  1. Ahhh I’m so glad it arrived safely! There is a Patrick Ness book on the way too (I had to send it separately because it was too big to fit in the parcel haha!). Hopefully that will arrive soon. I’m so happy you’re pleased with it! 😁 The feminist pin is from And I Darken by Kiersten White. Thank you so much for the awesome shout out, too. 💙 x


  2. YOU’VE.GOT.TO.READ.THE.SEQUEL.OF.ACOMAF.NOW. By the end of the book I can assure you the sexual content will not bother you as much as the overall effect of the book will do.
    Anyways, congratulations on your haul! Those items are awesome, especially the Feyre & Rhys card. And the Square root of summer. (Been dying to read that too..)

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