UnBoxing: Marvel Collector Corps October Box – Doctor Strange

My love of Marvel is no secret on this blog, nor is my subscription to the Marvel Collector Corps box.

Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription box run by Marvel and Funko that is shipped every other month.

The October box was Doctor Strange themed, which was super exciting, because I am dying for the movie, and am already fond of Doctor Strange just for the fact that he’s a neuroscientist and my career of choice is pediatric neurologist. He’s basically who I would want to be in the Marvel Universe.

You can see some of my past unboxings below:
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Captain America: Civil War (April).

And some of my other Marvel posts: here (Captain America: Sub Rosa book review), and here (CA: Civil War Movie Review).

If you’ve got the money, like Marvel, and like pop figures, I really highly recommend this subscription box, I love it!

*Please note, as usual, I am not sponsored or paid/asked in way to say these things, these are my own, unbiased opinions communicated by my own free will*

As always, the box is designed beautifully!


The customary patch and pin were super cool, some of my favorites! I really need to get some sort of jean jacket or something to iron my whole patch collection onto to show off!


The customary variant cover comic was Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1, and the cover was SO PRETTY my terrible rushed photography doesn’t do it justice.

Let me know if you guys want me to review the actual content of these comics, because I’d love to start doing some comics reviews!


The pop figure this time was Astral Projection Doctor Strange, though yellow for the movie rather than green for the comics. In person, its so nice and the glitter adds a really cool dimension to it in the light.


The shirt this time was epic! Last box, we got a hat instead, but I think I prefer the shirt! As always, it is very well made, and something interesting, the white ink faintly glows in the dark as I discovered in the early hours of this morning. So thats real cool!


The mug is possibly one of my favorite things I’ve ver received in these boxes, I am an avid collector of mugs, and this is suitably large, and very nicely made, it doesn’t look like the kind my mother can accidentally destroy in the dishwasher, which is convenient.

The packaged it very well so it did not arrive cracked or broken, which is always a good thing to note!



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