What I’ve Been Watching Lately

So, I watch A LOT of TV.

Its not necessarily good for either or my sleeping habits, but it is an objective truth.

So, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been watching recently. Its not a definitive list of shows I like/watch, but it is the list of whats had my attention the last two months. If you watch any of these, come talk to be, we can frail about together!

New This Season:

  • American Housewife – I am very picky when it comes to sitcoms, but this ones pretty good so far.
  • Chance – I haven’t actually started watching this one yet, but it has Hugh Laurie playing a doctor, which means its bound to be good.
  • Class – Haven’t started this one either, but with no Doctor Who or Torchwood, this will have to fill the void.
  • Conviction – It has Hayley Attwell, enough said.
  • Designated Survivor – Haven’t started this one, but several of my friends are begging me to watch it. Also, with the current state of things…
  • Frequency – New sci-fi show, I’ve been needing a good sic-fi show. Great so far.
  • Pitch – Good as background noise while doing homework. I’m not into sports, but FEMINISM.
  • Pure Genius – Again, medical shows are my life.
  • Speechless – Good so far, and I’m all for a disabled character being played by a disabled actor, which is far to rare.
  • Timeless – Again, sci-fi, time travel. I’m loving this.
  • The Good Place – My FAVORITE comedy of the season. Ticks every box for me, and has a great cast.
  • The Great Indoors – The millennial stereotypes are getting on my nerves, but its mindlessly entertaining.
  • No Tomorrow – This one I’m liking, good mix of drama/humor.


Currently Running:

  • Supergirl – Started watching this last year, its great, and this season is even better.
  • The Flash – This season is amazing so far, and I need more episodes.
  • Brooklyn 9 9 – Fills that Parks and Rec void nicely.
  • Agents of Shield – After the disaster of last season, its getting good again. I’m excited.
  • Supernatural – I’m like two seasons behind, but its still one of my favorite shows.


Because It’s On Netflix:

  • Bones – I’ve been rematching episodes because this is one of my favorite shows, and the final season is coming soon and the last season final has me a nervous wreck!
  • Hart of Dixie – Another medical show, its cute so far.
  • The Crown – My best friend is making me watch this.
  • House – I LOVE House, so much better than Grey’s Anatomy.



What do you think? Do you watch any of these shows? Like or dislike any of them? Come talk to me! Any shows you’d like I’d like? Let me know!

(And sorry if you in no way cared about this, making the list was mostly for my own benefit…)

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching Lately”

  1. My son and I are catching up on Supernatural now, and The Crown is on my list to start. Maybe this week.

    I admit though, I have really stepped away from television lately which is odd. I am sure as it gets colder, I will start watching more 🙂


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