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Hello Sweeties! I am back! Reading! Writing! Giving you something that wasn’t scheduled a month ago!

I was tagged by the creator of this lovely tag Icebreaker694, whose blog is amazing and wonderful so go check it out! She really makes the BEST original tags!

Now let’s do this!

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Bookish Questions





I’ve got a couple for this one. Lately, I’ve been really into the mixed genre contemporary with a bit of sci-fi type books.

I read arcs of Zenn Diagram and Waking In Time from Netgalley (review up on relate dates) and loved them both. I am currently reading Learning To Swear In America (protagonist reminds me of movie Chekov and its glorious). The Edge of Everything just looks super intriguing.

One sentence summaries: (Tell me you’re not intrigued I dare you)

Zenn Diagram: Math prodigy gets visions of people’s lives when she touches them.

Waking In Time: Girl goes to college but time travels when she sleeps, meets a boy.

Learning To Swear In America: Russian prodigy comes to America to help NASA stop an astroid from killing the planet.

The Edge of Everything: Nearest I can figure? Girl meets a soul bounty hunter she has a connection with.




Enough said.

I don’t really notice when the writing is advanced or not. I mostly either like it or I don’t, reading comprehension isn’t something I’ve worried about in years!

I will go with Pride and Prejudice though, because when I first tried to read it years ago (I was 10) I gave up because I didn’t understand what was happening…



Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Basically, my best friend got me into Sarah J Maas books, though I’ve only read the first of each series and she’s ready to kill me for it BUT ITS HER OWN FAULT SHE’S ONLY READ THE FIRST HARRY POTTER BOOK I’M JUSTIFIED OKAY?!



Harry Potter an The Hunger Games stand to me as two of the greatest/most faithful adaptations.

The Martian was also a REALLY GREAT adaptation.



I am TERRIBLE at favorites. I physically can’t pick favorites unless you want a like longer than my arm. Sorry, not sorry.




My best friend bought it for me for my birthday but hasn’t had a chance to give it to me and I’m DYING to read it already!




Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas. Its a book not many people have read or even heard of, but it is one of my all time favorite books. I thought it was a standalone back when I read it in May(?) but its GETTING A SEQUEL AND I GOT SENT AN ARC BY THE PUBLISHER AND I’M SO EXCITED. The sequel, Nowhere Near You, comes out in February. I highly encourage you to check out these books.

Because You’ll Never Meet Me Review



Rainbow Rowell. I am DYING for her to release another book! I have read all her books except Kindred Spirits (which I CANNOT for the LIFE OF ME find in America, if anyone would like to help me out…). Carry On is one of my favorite books of all time!



I’m going to say The Sword of Summer for this one. I got it last year when it come out, and I already bought Hammer of Thor, but I keep getting other books and not getting around to this one…


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14 thoughts on “Blogging Book Tag”

  1. I studied literature at university and I still don’t understand any of Jane Austen’s writing 😛 It’s just so dense. My brain shuts off before I’ve even reached the second paragraph!

    Definitely read the rest of the Throne of Glass series when you get chance 😀 I haven’t quite finished the series yet but it just keeps getting better and better!

    Great answers 🙂

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