#WritersLife Tag

Once again, not tagged. I’m not sure who the creator is though, but it’s not me.

Write Fuel: What do you eat/drink while writing?

Iced tea and coffee. And I eat if its dinner time or something, but otherwise not.

Write Sounds: What do you listen to while writing?

Whatever my current spotify playlist is.

Write Vice: What’s your most debilitating distraction?


Write Horror: What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while writing?

My stupid computer crashed a lot.  But now I have a new one so everything is GOOD!

Write Joy: What’s the best thing that’s ever happened while writing or how do you celebrate small victories?

Actually finishing. And I celebrate by, you know, Netflix. Which is counterproductive but…

Write Secret: What’s your writing secret to success or hidden flaw?

I’m bad at finishing…

Write-spiration: What always makes you productive?

The internet being down, which in my house happens a lot…

Oh, and avoiding my homework/chores.

Write Words- Share one sentence from a project. Past or present.

“She was smoke in a room of glass and mirrors. Easily seen but impossible to catch or contain without suffocating in the process.”

“You sort of turn around and walk through the universe into the elsewhere.”

“They sell salt for open wounds here.”

“In another life, she would be Connie, but less broken or maybe even more. Other lives didn’t bear thinking about, even when you knew they existed, because they weren’t you. In another life the universe might not be out to get her (the universe was always stacked against her), but it might have done her in. She is not the Connie of another universe, she is the Connie of this one. And it was time to start living in it rather than running from it. Thinking about it any other way would surely drive her insane.”



2 thoughts on “#WritersLife Tag

  1. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your writing flaw. I have so many unfinished pieces hidden in boxes under my bed or folders on my computer.

    Great answers! 🙂


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