Poem: In The Morning (I’ll Be a Ghost)


We all know the story

One way or another

Of starcrossed lovers, soulmates

Blessed and cursed to find each other


It’s an old wife’s tale

An old story told at night

Two halves of a whole

And when together they shine bright


Blessed be the boys time can’t capture

Cursed by the girls left behind

There’s a sin under the skin

And a darkness buried deep you can’t find


Its you and me

Me and you

One plus one

Equals two


It’s the law of the universe

But the worlds turned om its head

In the realm of bent halos

Even angels fear to tread


In the nights they steal kisses

In the dark where its less a lie

And more a secret

And when you wake up you can’t break a promise

That never really existed


Wouldn’t it be funny

If the angel did do wrong

Had a soft spot

For the hell raising boy

Gave him a chance when

There wasn’t one


And the demon did the right thing

Took his life before they could fall

Love is poison

This is rapture

And they got the story backwards


Wouldn’t it be funny

If you prayed for the devil

Because he’s got a mouth like sin

But hair like a halo


Wouldn’t it be funny

If I’m a demon

And I’m the one that falls

Because you’re so pretty

But so wrong


And its star crossed lovers

An old fairytale

Cursed and blessed to

Love and die


But there’s a darkness in his eyes

There’s a sin beneath her skin

The light won’t last the night

The feathers of your wings

Burned and bloody

Halos bent torn


The demon falls for an angel

And the angel falls with him

So the demon finds some grace


And it sounds so pretty

To fall together

But wouldn’t you rather

Never fall at all


In the morning you wake

And he’s





Of time long gone

And he thinks of you

You think of him

And you both realize you’re better off




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