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Poem: Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force

Here is the theory of the known universe:
Something’s got to give
Something’s got to take
A balancing act
(Chaos is always increasing)
There is no other choice

The boy who can’t be moved
(Immovable Object)
The girl who wouldn’t stay
(Unstoppable force of nature)
A paradox by design
What happens if they meet?

The Big Bang
A Collision
The beginning of the universe
Or the end
(Well that depends on how you tell the story,
Doesn’t it?)

Immovable object
Unstoppable force
Who bends first?


One has to move
The other has to stop
Give and take
Change each other
The powers cancel out
Who’s the winner here?

Immovable object cannot be moved by any force
Unstoppable force cannot be stop by any object
When they meet
Who changes their identity
Something has to give
Something has to take

Either the world ends or
It doesn’t
(Its always the end of the world,

So watch what happens
After all,
Everything is survivable
But the last thing

Which is the last thing standing?

The unstoppable object
The immovable force?
(I think we got our lines crossed somewhere,
What happens now?)

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