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2017 Resolutions


Its February, and I am only just now writing this.


I’m not so great at working with indefinite deadlines. Which is why reviews for publishers are done well in advance and Netgalley/self-published/etc. reviews are…chronically three months later than they should be.

But I digress. Lets get to the point.

So, resolutions. Everyone has already posted and broken theirs no doubt.


I have some, and I’d like to share them, and worst comes to worst…well, I fail like every other New Years Resolution that has EVER existed.

Ignore the fact that we are now 1/12th of the way through 2017.



This is a chronic issue for me. I cycle through a month of INTENSE BLOGGING…followed by 3 months of maybe 1 post total. Then, even during the intense blogging, the posting is irregular, 3 days of nothing and 4 posts on the same day and so one.

I need to be better at this. I CAN be better at this. It isn’t a lack of ideas or love for the blog.

I just…lose track of time when I don’t have homework deadlines.

I’m not committing to a schedule yet, but…I’ll try?

I am going to be scheduling posts all throughout summer so maybe that’ll help. If any one has any advice for me, I am more than happy to hear it!


2 – Memes And Features

Memes are a staple of book blogging. Features make a blog unique and memorable.

I had both. I stopped doing both. Why am I like this?!

You may notice that after this post: Trying To Be Better…

I started up my feature “Throwback Thursday” once again. I already scheduled the monthly posts for the ENTIRE NEXT YEAR! So, thats going well at least.

I’ve also had ideas for new features I want to implement, I’ll make a post detailing them soon, though you can see all the titles on my NEW DIRECTORY I MADE. (See I’m already doing great at this).

I also want to start doing memes again, Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday etc. I did them for like, a month in November and…stopped. But I like doing them, so lets see how this goes.

Let me know what you think of the (tentative, not soon to be implemented) schedule of memes and features, if there are any you like the sound of particularly more so I can focus on that one etc.


3 – Drafts: Tags and Reviews

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that my draft folder regularly has 100+ posts in it. Like I said, my issue is never a lack of ideas. I have 20+ reviews backlogged (of just books I’ve read, never mind  books I’m behind on), and 20+ tags (again, chronically late with those).

I want to get better at writing reviews and tags, and scheduling them, in a timely manner. To help the draft folder craziness and prevent the “3 month blogging absences” that always happen.

I have tags, original tags ideas, discussion ideas, book reviews, movie reviews, etc. In my drafts folder. I want to get it all caught up.


4 – Reading

This is the big one. I’m probably going to break every blogging resolution to varying degrees but reading is the one thing I have got to do. I love to read, it de-stresses me from life and I have a review copy TBR threatening to kill me.

But…I also frequently fall into reading slumps / brain is too tired to read slumps.

I’ll read 17 books in a month and then not read for 2 months.

Last year, I had to change my Goodreads challenge because they was no way I was reaching 100 books.

My problem is, I start, but then forget to finish books. Not because I wasn’t enjoying them, or because they were DNF books, but because I got distracted, forgot what was happening because I was trying to read while doing calculus or something, and just…don’t continue.

If nothing else, I have to get better at this.


5 – Time Management

This one is only peripherally blog related, as I mean it in more of a general sense for my life. I have a project I need to finish tonight that is barely started.

I have my ring ceremony in 2 weeks and I don’t have the tickets yet.

I have oodles of homework to do.

ACT and subject tests to register for.

Summer internship applications to do.

Silver Knight to work on.

Subject selection to fill out.

And AP tests to not fail (there is more, these are just the big things kill me now).

I need to manage my time better if I want to keep everything as it should be. And practice for next year for when college applications are slowly killing me with stress.

So, thats a goal. Arguably the most important one…



AND I think thats it!

Is it suitably dramatic/fashionably late?

Do you agree with my goals, do you have any similar goals?

Here is the post where I talked about Memes and Features I want to start doing in more detail. It won’t be happening any time soon, I will probably never attain that schedule, but it is a nice goal to aspire to. See it here: Maybe This Time It’ll Work: New Blogging Schedule, Memes, and Features

Do you like any in particular?

Excited for one versus another?

Have any tips for me? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “2017 Resolutions”

  1. Ah better late than never I always say! (and yes- if you do it earlier then you break it sooner- I’ve already broken one of mine!) And I get what you mean about not getting through drafts of posts- I’m like you, plenty of ideas but never enough time to do them!!! Backlogged reviews and tags are the story of my life!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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