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AP Crunch Time And Study Guides

Me complaining/stressing/ignoring my blog in favor of – about school is nothing new on this blog, or pretty much any other blogger who still goes to school’s blog. School is hard okay!

Now, when you’re taking 4 APs and are a very competitive, type A, “must get top grades” sort of person, its just a bit more stressful than for most.

And soon, we will be entering a period our teachers (or at least my school) calls “AP CRUNCH TIME” (yes the caps are necessary) and we like to call “UTTER DEATH – DEATH WOULD BE SWEETER”.

This means two things:

  1. Less time for blogging (yes, less than my ever constant nonexistent schedule / never blogging self) hence my new  Guest Post Policy asking for guest posters, especially though April and May.
  2. And, more importantly STUDYING.

I have studied A LOT in my time (Junior year, several APs, not entirely terrible test scores, and straight (or at least two on the Kinsey scale) A’s will testify to that.

So, to encourage myself to actually study (because I’m kind of terrible at actually bringing myself to study more than the night before) and to help all you guys out, I’m going to be making study tips, tricks, etc. posts and maybe study guides/helpful study tool round-ups for some of my harder subjects.

We can get through this together.

Tell me what APs/hard classes/finals you’re stressing over!

(I’m taking AP Chemistry, Ap Calculus AB, AP US History, and AP English Language and Composition)

5 thoughts on “AP Crunch Time And Study Guides”

  1. Please take her advice, guys. I’m not kidding. She is the smartest girl in our school, and she knows her stuff. Grades are just coming out, AP teachers are rolling out the tutoring, and I can sympathize with her in that death is something I would fully embrace right about now.

    Thanks for the help RiverMoose-Reads, I need all the help I can get. If you want, I can help out with the studying in this blog, if you want, of course.

    I’m taking AP Language and Composition, AP Calculus AB, AP US History, and AP Environmental Science.

    Also, Weight Training and Japanese.

    Okay, before people tease me, I am an unathletic, overweight girl who is trying to do well to impress everyone, even the super athletic, really hardcore guys, to show that I have improved. As of today, I can do 1 pushup, which was a miracle in itself.

    Also, Japanese is harder than most languages in that you have to memorize 3 alphabets instead of 1 and focus on getting all the strokes right or else you are writing a completely different symbol that what you wanted to write.

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