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General Study Tips and Tools

Okay, studying is never fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Studying is particularly important for the AP test(s). I’ve gotten a 3 and two 5’s on my past tests, and I’m taking 4 more the year; so I think my study methods can help others.

I’m going to try and make specialized guides for each test I’ve taken so far / am taking this year, but this is a more generalized list of my study habits/tools.

General Tips:

 -Actually learn the material the first time.
You can’t put it off and catch up a week later, it’ll just make you cry.

-Review your test and homework mistakes. It helps more than you think.

-Get a review book. Barron’s and 5 steps to a 5 are both good. Barron’s is my favorite, the sections are short and good for basic review and their are lots of review questions and explanations of the answers.

-Start studying more than a week before, especially if you have more than 1 test coming up.

General Tools / Most Subjects:

AP Study Notes –

Basically a site full of outlines and bullet point notes for pretty much every AP subject. Its really helpful for reviewing.

One Month AP Study Guides –

30 day study and practice guides for each AP test, if you have the time/patience for it, it helps a lot, especially if you’re bad at sticking to your own schedules for studying.

Easy Note Cards –

Basically notecards of test questions and vocabulary words, more helpful for class tests than the AP test, as its textbook specific.

Crash Course Videos –

Crash Course is my number one study tool for the AP test, I have more patience for videos than extra reading, and its entertaining too. Pretty much every subject you need is here.

Science Tools:


Bozeman Science –

Science videos, more in depth on the math-ier concepts than other sites/videos. Step by step with explanations for the math in chemistry, physics and biology.



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