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Study Guide: SAT / ACT / Subject Tests

As a Junior in high school in America, I am firmly entrenched in the terrifying world of standardized testing.

The SAT (and usually ACT as well) is literally inescapable if you want to go to college (I want to be a doctor, I have to do LOTS of education past high school).

There are also about 4 billion services and study guides for these tests. It is a very lucrative business.

The issue is, if you anything like me, when you don’t have the time or money for a rigorous prep course, and finding information on your own makes you want to throw up from nerves (hi, that would be me).

So here is everything that helped me. I didn’t do a formal prep course (unless you count practice in AP classes). Maybe it’ll help you too.

And remember, whatever you study for one test, helps with the other. Math and English don’t exactly change from test to test.

On Standardized Tests / ACT v. SAT – A good overview on the  reason for the tests, and on picking which one to take. Though if you can, taking both is always best.

Free Practice Tests – For all the exams

Full SAT v. ACT Comparison

ACT Test Day Guide

What To Bring To The ACT

ACT Calculator Policy

Grammar Rules for ACT

31 Must Know ACT Math Formulas

What You Need For ACT Science

General Things You Should Know (1)

General Things You Should Know (2)

Types of Passages on Reading Test

About the ACT Essay

SAT Test Day Checklist

SAT Calculator Policy

SAT Grammar Rules

Complete Guide To SAT Grammar

Breakdown of SAT Math

On The SAT Essay

On Subject Tests

Subject Test Requirements


I got a 1430 on my January SAT (I’m retaking it in May), haven’t taken the ACT (taking it in April), got a 790 on subject test Bio E, and I’m taking the Chem and Math II subject tests in May.

If you want a reference for how well I did, before taking my advice.


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