St. Patrick’s Day Tag

This tag made by Bookaflix Taylor on booktube – I wasn’t tagged, but in the spirit of the holiday…

 St. Patrick’s Day  Your favourite green coloured book.



I own virtually no green books – but this is obviously a good one.

Corned Beef and Cabbage – A book that made you hungry.



This book describes food so much – especially cake, it makes me hungry.

 Four Leaf Clover – A book or item that was a rare, good luck find.



I found a copy of this signed by BOTH authors at Target, and I was so psyched!

Irish Whiskey – A book so bad that you would need a drink to get over it.



I read this for school, it was no enjoyable.

 Irish Dancing – A book so good, it made you want to dance in excitement.




Ireland – A book that made you want travel to a different country.



Greece and Italy are two countries highest on my bucket list.

 The Pub – A meeting place in a book you’d love to go to.



Monmouth with the Raven Boys, especially my baby Noah, yes please.

I’m not tagging anyone, since its late in the day and its a tag that really, should only be done today, anyone is welcome to do it if they want though!


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