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Study Guide: AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus is a hard class, and it relies on a firm basis in, pretty much, all math prior to calculus if you want a chance in hell of passing.

So, before even taking the class, check out some of this:

Math Review: Arithmetic through Data Analysis

Its a GRE Math guide, but its helpful, giving a pretty basic overview on algebra through pre-calc.

Special Angles Chart – Trig is, sadly, a part of calculus, knowing this will make life SO MUCH EASIER.

Now we can start on Calculus.

WolframAlpha – Calculator Tool

SOS Math

The two tools above are online calculator and help sites for when a problem has you stumped. Figuring out what your doing wrong until it whats right clicks in your brain is like, 90% of this class.

Assuming you survived the class, you need to study for the AP test. The two links below are a pretty comprehensive overview.

Calculus Formula Cheat Sheet – MEMORIZE THIS

AP Calculus Study Guide


Sorry this guide is so short. calculus isn’t really something you can learn or cram in a month, and not really something that can be studied online.

But hopefully this helps a little.

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