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The Cringeworthy Book Tag

I’m actually posting more than once a month? What is this? Summer?

I know, I’m shocked too. Never underestimate the power of coffee and procrastination.

I was tagged by the lovely creator of this lovely tag Icebreaker694!
She seriously makes the best tags, so what are you doing with your life if you’re not following her!

(Yes, this is more than several months late but…shhhhh)

This tag was a bit difficult because I tend to block the cringe-y books from my memory and not mark DNF’s on my goodreads.

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I don’t read much horror, so this is the only vaguely cringe-y horror book I could find on my read shelf. Cringe-y mostly because some scenes are so graphic it kind of hurts to read.

Cringeworthy Scale:

1 – lowest (because gore doesn’t bother me THAT MUCH)

Love Triangle


The Love Triangle in Matched is ACTUALLY THE WORST. One of the rare books I DNF’d because I couldn’t take it. Would have been better off with a forbidden love story.

Cringeworthy Scale: 

3 – easily



I read this when I was 12, and I LOVED it…up until our characters jumped into bed. Then I was skipping pages at a time because reading awkward sex scenes is just…no. Especially when you’re 12, especially when you’re ace.

Cringeworthy Scale:

3 or 4

Its been a while since I’ve read it.



The cringe-y-ness wasn’t super strong in this, but I couldn’t finish the series. It dragged on and on – the angst was of the melodramatic-easily-resolved-if-you-spoke-to-each-other variety and the simulated southern accent in the written dialogue kind of hurt.

Cringeworthy Scale:




I hated this book SO MUCH, just SO MUCH. Its irritating and preachy and isn’t a novel its a political ideology masquerading as one and NO.

Cringeworthy Scale:




Yeah this one is horrifyingly cringe-y in the romance – and its lack of – department. Its cheesy in the bad way, and the characters grated on nerves. It was the sort of thing that people call feminism and isn’t feminism that makes people hate feminism without understanding it. If that makes sense?


It hurt. The characters were too stupid to live, and such stereotypical “American Teenagers” from an adult’s point of view it hurt. Everything was the most cliche version of “good girl gets drawn into drugs and sex because of a bad boy” possible just..ugh.

Cringeworthy Scale:

3 /4  – sorry I had two answers that fit this too well.

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Orangutan Librarian 




22 thoughts on “The Cringeworthy Book Tag”

  1. I need to look at what I put for this tag, it’s been so long I forgot I made this. But thank you so much for doing it!!! I really enjoyed all your answers! I gave up after Matched, it wasn’t really for me. I haven’t read any Alyson Noël books, but I hear mixed opinions about them a lot. Thanks again for the tag, and for reminding me of it, haha. 😂


  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way about Beautiful Creatures. I had been sooooo looking forward to reading it, and was disappointed at how not great it was. It really did just drag on over 4 books and I didn’t really like the characters. Awesome book tag!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I actually have Beautiful Creatures back at home and I have literally no idea why I bought it! But who knows, maybe it won’t be all that bad. 😂


  4. I totally agree on the beautiful creatures, the book just kept dragging. Think it took me two months to finish the book which is unusual since i only take days at most to finish a book. Would have stopped if not for the fact I wanted to know where it’ll end 😟

    Liked by 1 person

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